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Summer language school in Torun

2016.07.3-23 Літня школа польської мови і культури

Torun is the glorious city not only in the whole of Poland. The inhabitants of Torun are proud of the long tradition of his fellow countryman, the great astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, the taste Torun gingerbread and unforgettable beauty of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

At the end of the second semester of the 2015/2016 academic year, we, the students of the course of the Polish language of Kosli Alina and Pavel Krasouski was lucky. Pleased that we, the students of NTUU «KPI them. Igor Sikorsky», thanks to the efforts and support of our teacher Voitsekha Stanislavovycha Zvolynskoho were invited to participate in a Summer language school, for what many thanks to him. We gladly accepted the offer.

Summer school of Polish language and culture took place from 3 to 23 July 2016 at the faculty of Philology of the University. Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun, Poland (Wydzial filologii Uniwersytetu Mikolaja Kopernika w Toruniu), it was attended by representatives of 18 countries. The diversity of participants has given us the opportunity not only to experience the culture of Poland, but also to learn different cultures and customs of different peoples: from Japan to the United States of America. For training all participants were divided into 5 groups according to language level. We liked the approach to the organization of classes in the first half of the day was practical lessons on grammar, communication, phonetics scheduled groups, it should be noted that not all methods were habitual for us: something like, something that was too unusual; in the second half of the day was lectures on a variety of topics concerning the history and present of Polish language and culture. The most fascinating and memorable was the lecture about Polish rock and its influence on the overthrow of the Communist regime in Poland and a lecture about the vision of its history by poles, the so-called history of the second degree. After class was organized city tours, visits to museums, exhibitions. A significant role in the exchange of experience and establishing contacts between participants played events such as socials, theatrical groups, dancing classes, national night. The weekend excursions were organized in Gdansk and Bidou and independently, we made a trip to Poznan. In the evening was the opportunity to walk over the Vistula river to admire the scenery, feel the «Gotyk na dotyk» («the Gothic touch» – the advertising slogan of Torun), chat with other participants over a Cup of coffee.

Where is this city on the Vistula, the poles lived since time immemorial. Torun has a long and glorious history, of which we were told in the classroom and excursions organized in the city.

In 1473 at Torun on the street. SV. Anna Copernicus was born, the fourth child in a family of merchants. On this street (now Copernicus street), the house number 17 is now a Museum, which contains numerous items related to the great astronomer. And the market of the Old town, next to the town hall, erected a monument with the inscription in Latin: «Nicolaus Copernicus, from Torun, moved the Earth, stopped the Sun and the Sky». Although all of the scientist's life was spent away from the homeland, it is always considered its own. 

A special and sweet tradition of Torun's famous gingerbread cookies are manufactured in the old-old recipes, sometimes surprising forms. We, along with members of the school even tried to cook these delicious and famous for its unforgettable taste gingerbread

Torun is beautiful. Its old town Hall, Bridge gate, house «Under the star», the picturesque streets, old stone houses and the world's best cakes create a special, unique atmosphere.

Completed its work the Polish Summer school in Torun on July 23. We have passed an intensive course of Polish language, the result was a solemn presentation of diplomas and a small theatrical performance in which we participated and became a part of history that night, having only positive and unforgettable emotions.

So, during the Summer school, we have increased the level of knowledge of the Polish language was enriched by the customs, traditions and culture of the city, tasted delicious meals, and traveled. Thank you Torun for the hospitality and warm welcome, it really is a picturesque and atmospheric town, which we pleasantly surprised!

Pavlo Krasovskyi, participant of the Summer school of Polish language in Torun, 2016


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