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The rector’s scholarsfromthe Faculty of Electronics 2015

АртСтіна КПІ. ФЕЛ

The faculty of electronics is traditionally considered to be a male faculty, and when a girl says that she studies electronics, – it usually makes the interlocutor astonished. However, the present-day female students of our faculty not only have a progress in studing the fields they have chosen, but also take part in the scientific and public life of the faculty and the University in general. This year five students from the faculty have won the rector’s scholarship of the NTUU "KPI".

 Lyubov Klepach – is the 6th year student of the Industrial Electronics Department specialized in electronic systems. In addition to the major field of her study she mastered the specialty "Marketing". Since 2014 she has been working as a content manager in the company VTSConsulting, has four scientific publications devoted to the management of electricity consumption in systems such as «Microgrid». She takes part in international scientific conferences and is the head of the group. But the studies and science is just a part of her life. This is what the girl says about herself: "I am really into reading fantasy (my favourite author is Oleksander Rudazov) and going to the theatre and cinema. I am also interested in the innovations in the field of electronics and always eager to learn something new. My favourite subjects are «Information theory and signal processing» and «Digital information systems». In today’s science I am interested in the alternative energy sources and the pricing of this electricity. I am willing to become a postgraduate and try myself as a teacher. I believe my knowledge and perseverance will definitely help me in my future career."

 Daria Liashko – has been studing at the Department of Acoustics and Acoustic Electronics since 2012. She is the head of the group but in October 2014 was also elected as a monitor of the department. The girl is engaged in scientific researches in the field of acoustic electronics. In 2015 the student received a diploma of award for the best report at the VIII International scienсe and technology conference of young scientists "Electronics – 2015". In addition to the main technical profession she is interested in the issues of social sciences and took part in the IV International science-practical conference on sociology "Social and political configurations of modernity: political power in Ukraine and the world" in 2015. She effectively combines her studies with public, cultural and sport activities. In the last two years she has been taking part in the organization of "The spring ball of KPI", and has been playing in the women's football team of NTUU "KPI". Now her main goal is a successful graduation and employment, where she would get pleasure from doing the things she loves.

Olga Selivon – entered KPI in 2010. Before that she studied at the lyceum and finished Kagarlitsky art school specialized in piano and vocal. Now she is the 6th year student of the Faculty of Electronics, specialty - "Electronic appliances and devices". She has three scientific publications. Life interests: music, sport and art, in science – the use of surface acoustic waves in electronics. As for her studies she is engaged in learning the peculiarities of manufacture and operation of touch panels and improving the English language. As regards public activity she was a member of the Student Council of NTUU "KPI". In March 2011 she took the second place at the musical competition "KPIphonia", these are the pleasant and warm memories from her student life.

Julia Storozhuk– the 6th year student of the Department of Acoustics and Acoustic Electronics, specialized in acoustic means and systems. She has presented her research reports at the three international conferences, including the international scientific and technical conference of young scientists "Electronics" and X International students conference "Innovations in science and technology". Her scientific interests are processes in acoustic systems, software development for analysis of acoustic processes, particularly for solving the problem of the reception of sound by the spherical electroelastic converter. The student takes an active part in the public life of the faculty and University: she was one of the organizers of the local phases of the European engineering competition EBEC in KPI and the campaign on collection of waste paper. She was also an active member of the student organization “BEST Kyiv” for two years, where she took part in organizing the cultural exchange between the students of Kyiv-Barcelona and the educational course between the students of different European countries "Catch the wave" on the territory of the KPI.           

Natalia Panicheva– the 6th year student studing at the Department of Acoustic Engineering and Information Registration, specialized in telecommunications and information network. The student says that in her childhood she was fond of Latin American dances, reading fantasy, making poetry and drawing portraits. In high school due to the parents’ and her older sister’s advice decided to focus on the exact sciences in order to be able to enter the NTUU "KPI". A great hope was for the direction "Telecommunication systems and networks". At the moment the girl is interested in the information protection and the study of the social and technical aspects of designing the web sites. This year Natalia also started her career in the company of the leading Ukrainian national telecommunication provider “Volya” that helped her to approve herself in another areas and reveal a lot of new abilities. In her spare time she goes in for sports, reads classical literature and intensively learns the English language. The girl is also fond of cooking: at the weekends she likes to please her family with a tasty cake or a delicious dish of French or Italian cuisine. Natalia’s life motto is: "The doors are opened only to those who knock at them." So do not be afraid, knock louder!

This motto and the wishes are relevant for all students of our University, as they are the future of our country.

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