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Vasiliyu Fedorovichu Shinkarenko- 70!

Шинкаренко Василь Федорович


February 11, 2016 has been 70 years, Professor Vasily Fedorovich Shinkarenko Head of the Department of Electromechanics "KPI".

V.F Shinkarenko finished school with a silver medal in 1964. He got the degree in "Electrical machinery and apparatus" in  the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (1964 -1969 years.). Further, since 1969, the distribution he worked at the Kyiv plant electric transportation since 1971 - in "EDO(Experimental Design Office) linear motors" and deputy chief designer of EDO research. Productive work was Vasily Fedorovich 1991 at the Department of Electromechanics as an associate professor, professor, head of department. In 1986, VF Shinkarenko got the scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences, and in 1995 - Doctor of Science in electrical machines. The Department of Electromechanics was his pedagogical and scientific growth. VF Shinkarenko is the author of over 400 scientific, methodical work and more than 150 inventions, established a new area of basic researches "Structural and systemic research in electromechanics", managed by the same name in the structure of scientific seminars NAS of Ukraine. Since 2012 Vasiliy Fedorovich  is Academician of the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine.

The researches  VF Shynkarenko formed the basis of new scientific directions: "Structural electrician", "Genetic electrician", "Evolutionary Systematics of electric cars", "System-cognitive electromechanical technology in education".

His profound expertise and efficiency, combined with tolerance and kindness earned the respect not only the employees of the department, but also our related research teams and other universities,

By a decision of the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine of 11 December 2015 №10 Academician general technical department V.F.Shynkarenku awarded the prize of St. Vladimir for outstanding contribution and productive participation in the organization of science and education in Ukraine with the presentation of medals and certificates.

We cordially congratulate  you, dear Vasily Fedorovich, with the glorious anniversary! We wish you good health, inspiration for many years, and prosperity to you and your family and friends!

Department staff of Electromechanics


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