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Opening of a new Academic center for physical and chemical methods of research

2016.10.05 Відкриття нового Навчально-методичного центру з фізико-хімічних методів досліджень

In October, 5, 2016 there was Academic Center for physical and chemical methods of research on the basis of analytical association "Agilent Technologies" opened at Chemical and Engineering Faculty of NTUU "Igor Sikorsky KPI".

"Agilent Technologies" company is a world leader in the field of development and production of equipment for chemical analysis. The company was established in 1999 in the course of "Hewlett-Packard" corporation reorganization.

The Center aims at training specialists in chromatographic and spectrometric research methods. Fellow workers of the university will be using equipment of the Center with academic purposes for conducting scientific research, for student scientific group, professional training and postgraduate education.

The Center was created by"ALT Ukraine" Ltd (authorized distributor of "Agilent Technologies" and NTUU "Igor Sikorsky KPI" on the basis of HTF and its Department of Organic Chemistry and Technologies of Organic Compounds. The University provided Center with space while "ALT Ukraine" Ltd with analytical equipment and office machines.

The opening ceremony consisted of two parts. At first, "ALT Ukraine" Ltd representatives presented their company and some equipment to specialists of our university and Ukrainian NAS, outlining the activity of academic centers in Big chemical room.

After presentations finished, the meeting participants went upstairs where first pro-rector of "Igor Sikorsky KPI", academician of Ukrainian NAS, Yurii Yakymenko and representative of Agilent Technologies directory, Michael Delg opened new Academic Center, having cut the red ribbon. Head of department of Organic Chemistry and Technologies of Organic Compounds, Professor Fokin A. A. presented new equipment set in the new center.

It is worthy to note that such center was opened in Ukraine for the first time. It has gas-liquid chromatograph 7890 with mass-spectrometry detector, liquid chromatograph 1290 Infinity, ICP-mass-spectrometer, infrared and UV-VIS spectrometers. These are world-class devices that make solving of almost all analytical tasks possible.

Creation of the Center will contribute not only to the increase of students' and postgraduates' professional level but a level of scientific research conducted at university as well.


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