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навчально-виховний комплекс "Веселка" с. Євсуг Луганської області

Ongoing anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine, and volunteers from among Kyiv polytechnics continue to help our soldiers and doctors and students from the frontline areas.

About the latest news from the headquarters of "Volunteer Battalion KPI" says deputy head of staff with organizational issues, chief engineer of educational scientific complex "IASA" Elena Belyaeva:

  • We helped military doctors of frontline hospitals and medical companies which serving the front line. In particular, we helped medical company 28th Mechanized Brigade - sent computer, medical supplies, printer cartridges, products. Also, by doctors we transferred a parcel to one of the divisions from the museum CPI employee, who served in their brigade.
  • Допомога медичній роті 28-ї мех.бригади Supported surgeons of the front hospital in Donetsk region, one of the divisions which is located in Chasiv Yar. We gave them a computer, fax, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, clippers, medicines and household products for hospital canteen. Many thanks for graduate of KPI Tatiana Korbut, who delivered our parcels to the front.
  • At the request of military doctors we printed in publication "Polytechnic" 1000 copies of medical manual which is required at the front - "Before medical help for wounded during the military operations."
  • Completed the order the scouts and passed it from hand to hand in the presence of several volunteers from IASA.
  • Helped prepare to enter the NTUU "KPI named Igor Sikorsky" demobilized scout who served in Mariupol, and now has become our student.
  • Took care of gunner, who served in the Luhansk region, discharged in the summer of 2016 and entered to our university.

Collecting things by staff of NTUU "KPI named Igor Sikorsky" provided an opportunity to help students of the city Krasnogorivka Donetsk region and educational complex "Rainbow" from village Yevsuh Luhansk region, which combines kindergarten and school. We handed clothing, shoes, stationery, books, sweets, fax and computer for children. Director of EC "Rainbow" Lyudmila Komlyk sent us a letter of appreciation for their support and assistance.


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