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XV International scientific and technical conference: ‘Instrumentation: its state and perspectives’

2016.05.17-18 XV Міжнародна науково-технічна конференція «Приладобудування: стан і перспективи»

On May, 17th XV International scientific and technical conference: ‘Instrumentation: its state and perspectives’ took place in NTUU ‘KPI’. It is the traditional platform for communication of scientific and industrial community in the scope of modern instrumentation issues, precision technologies, intellectualization of production.

ІХ scientific and practical student and postgraduate conference ‘Insight into instrumentation future’ started within the conference ‘Instrumentation: its state and perspectives’. In fact, the students’ conference is a youth component of the whole forum.

349 representatives from 47 industrial enterprises, academic university and branch research institutions from 25 cities of Ukraine as well as from the Republic of Belarus, Venezuela, Ecuador, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and South Korea participated in the conference.

The participants of the first plenary meeting heard 5 reports: ‘Monitoring of environment with the application of unmanned aviation complexes’ (corr.member of NAS of Ukraine V.P. Babak, the Institute of technical heat physics of the NAS of Ukraine), ‘Optical instrumentation in the major astronomical observatory of NAS of Ukraine’ (employee of the Major astronomical observatory of NAS of Ukraine, I.I. Syniavskyi, Yu.S. Ivanov, M.G. Sosonkin), ‘Scientific and practical background for creation and implementation of volume etalons, gas consumption of new generation’ (employee of Ukrmetrteststandart, A.M. Rak, I.I. Parkhomchuk), ‘Development of renewable power in Ukraine’ (chief engineer of the Institute of renewable power in the NAS of Ukraine, Yu.P. Favorskyi, A+Energy Company; Ukrainian-Polish center of development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency), ‘3D technologies in medicine and technique’ (Olga Dobrina, functional analyst of Materialise NV)’.

The conference will function in sections: ‘Computer integrated technologies and navigation and control systems’, ‘Optical and optical-electronic instrumentation and systems’, ‘Computer integrated technologies of instruments production’, ‘Information technologies, theory and projecting of systems for measuring mechanical values, micro and nano- equipment’, ‘Analytical and ecological instrumentation’, ‘Information and measuring techniques and biometric research technologies’, ‘Non-destructive control, technical and medical diagnostics, preparation of branch specialists’, ‘Energy efficiency. Information and measuring technologies and systems.’


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