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The session of Program Committee of the forum “Lessons from the Chornobyl disaster – nuclear security of the world”

2016.02.24 Засідання Програмного комітету форуму «Уроки Чорнобиля – для ядерної безпеки світу»

The session of Program committee of international forum “Lessons from the Chornobyl disaster – nuclear security of the world” was hold in February, 24 in Presidium of National academy of science of Ukraine.

The forum will be hold in NTUU “KPI” this year in the end of April.

“This forum is one of the events that has to be hold on the occasion of 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster. I have to remind that the catastrophe on CNPP is one the biggest technogenic catastrophe in the history of the humanity. Over 6000 thousand people did their best to eliminate it and minimize its consequences – the president of NAS of Ukraine, Borys Paton – the head of the session stressed. For the time being the Chornobyl nuclear power plant is shut down. A new, safe confinement is being constructed now, it has to isolate damaged power unit from environment. The next and ultimate step towards elimination of the Chornobyl disaster consequences will be the creation of infrastructure for disassembly of unstable constructions and their process engineering and disposal. The main objective of international forum ““Lessons from the Chornobyl disaster – nuclear security of the world” is the discussion of new stage of international cooperation aimed at mutual realization of ultimate transformation of “Ukryttia” unit into ecologically safe system”.

Rector of NTUU “KPI”, academician of NAS of Ukraine Mychailo Zgurovskyi spoke on the main directions of forum work, its program project and principles of subject-matter of the session. He stopped at the problems one of the possible solutions to which may be the forum. One of the most significant problems was the issue of radioactive wastes utilization. In 2018 the construction of modern confinement will be finished. Ukraine has been building it together with donor-counties. But it won’t solve the problem ultimately. The radioactive wastes that have been kept inside the building will be of great danger both for Ukraine and its neighbors. Our country is not able to provide the utilization and disposal of these nuclear wastes. This problem is rather complicated not only in technical scope but in financial as well. “Thus, among the tasks of the forum is to show the necessity of the problem solving to the international community” – Mychailo Zgurovskyi spoke. Another concern that has to be brought up has to be the necessity for revision of the fundamental principles of security of nuclear units and their resilience to possible natural disasters. The concern was brought up due to the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima in Japan that proved that there are not enough means that have recently been reliable for the safe exploitation of such units.

Having discussed particular issues and offered some corrections to their regulations, participant of the meeting proved a program project of the forum developed by its Scientific, Organizational and Local Committees and determined the stages of their further work.


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