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“European educational initiatives” forum

2016.02.23 Форум «Європейські освітні ініціативи»

“European educational initiatives” forum was hold in February, 23 in NTUU “KPI”. The participants presented the project with the same name and the programs of cooperation development of IT-business with university of Ukraine. 

The moderators of the Forum were Ukraine-wide public organization “Competitiveness of industry of Information and Communication technologies of Ukraine Council” and NTUU “KPI” under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Committee for the issues of informational support and communication of Supreme Council of Ukraine. The partners of the moderators were Globallogic, EPAM, CyberBionic Systematics, Microsoft Ukraine, ITVDN and Test Provaider resource. The representatives of IT sphere and leading universities of Ukraine took part in the Forum.

The first planar session was devoted to the condition and the prospects of IT education in Ukraine. As the matter of fact, this problem was topical for the whole Forum, and different aspects of the problem have been considering in the participants’ speeches.

 «The issues under discussion are rather topical for all higher educational establishments of Ukraine, for KPI, particularly, - first pro-rector of NTUU “KPI”, academician of Ukrainian NAS, Yurii Yakymenko noted in his speech at the opening ceremony of Forum. – Obviously, immediate contacts with representative employers of IT-companies and cooperation with them are of great importance for us. Thus, it’s no coincidence that the managers of all our institutes and faculties who train specialists for IT sphere take part in session”. He also spoke on the traditional Open international students’ Olympiad on programming named after S. O. Lebediev and V. M. Glushkov “KPI-Open” that has been hold in university for many years and invited listeners to take part in it as co-moderators and judges or by nominating teams of participants. However, the most detailed information on the conference was given by its initiator – permanent head of organizational committee Ivan Plotnikov, holding this position for 10 years.

The chief executive officer of Microsoft Company Ukraine, Nadiia Vasyl’ieva expressed an interesting idea about the present role of IT-technologies: “Actually, everything that is called IT-sphere – is no longer a sphere. This is a factor that modernizes other fields…” 

Thus, it is IT technologies that set standards and to some extend some directions of technical and economic progress. They are changing fast and at the same time they are changing the job market. Such situation puts particular demands to the specialists training in this sphere and requires particular response from the universities. But not only from them and from IT business as well where graduates start working. That is why the project “European educational initiatives” being originated from the Forum has rather extensive prospects. Especially owing to the fact that according to the head of the Council of competitiveness of information and communicative technologies industry, Igor Lysytskyi, the project is aimed at development of IT specialists training system as an important factor for creation of competitive national industry of information technologies. It is worthy to note that it is being realized by the Council in cooperation with leading IT-companies and international organizations.

The photo of chief executive officer of Microsoft Ukraine Company, Nadiia Vasyl’ieva standing at the stage and first pro-rector of NTUU “KPI”, Yurii Yakymenko and the head of the Council of competitiveness of information and communicative technologies industry, Igor Lysytskyi being on the platform.


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