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The Monument to Yevhen Paton

Кампус КПІ. Пам'ятник Євгену Патону

The Monument to Yevhen Paton was erected on the Museum Square against the State Polytechnic Museum (building №6) in 2002. The author and sculptor is O. Skoblikov.

The bronze effigy of the scientist sitting on a stone is set up on a rectangular plinth made of red polished granite. Y. Paton is depicted in young age; he is dressed in long overcoat of a railway engineer with a uniform frock coat and a stand-up shirt collar peeping out of it. His left leg is slightly straightened, his hands are on his knees, and he holds a uniform peaked cap in his right hand. The effigy accurately recreates his appearance: short hair tightly framing his head, thick long moustache, regular features, and concentrated look. Artistic solution of the monument, peculiarities of its composition and plastic arts with attention to details tends to artistic traditions of the end of XIX – the beginning of the XX century, which gives the composition a classic look. Vividness of the depiction and a certain spatially-anecdotal narrativeness contribute to the impressional persuasiveness of the monument.

It is carved on the plinth: Yevhen Paton “I look at our talented youth with hope…”

It is stated on the reverse of the plinth: With a deep respect to a great teacher, a scientist, the founder of the world welding and bridge engineering school from students and professors of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Відкриття пам'ятника Є.О.Патону в  НТУУ КПІ (2002 р.)

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