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Helmut Choke is a honorary doctor MMI

2008.05.23 Хельмут Чьоке – Почесний доктор ММІ

May 23, 2008 in the conference room of the Academic Council of NTUU "KPI" was awarded the diploma of Honorary Doctor MMI NTUU "KPI" Director of the institute automotive industry Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg prof. Helmut Choke.

On this ceremony were present MMI director prof. M.I.Bobyr,
heads of departments, professors Yu.V.Petrakov, V.B.Strutynskyy, N.S.Ravska, V.A.Titov, O.M.Yahno, V.S.Kovalenko, Yu.M.Danylchenko, FS Dean prof. S.K.Fomichov,
Dean of the Joint Ukrainian-German Faculty of Engineering V.M.Yavorovskyy. The Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg was presented by the chief coordinator of JUGFE prof. Dyubner and deputy dean of the Institute of Mechanics prof. Shtrakelyan. Also were present professors, associate professors, lecturers and MMI students and JUGFE.
Prof. Choke, the first dean of the Joint Ukrainian-German Faculty of Engineering, is engaged in the problems of diesel engines and internal combustion engines. He graduated from the University of Stuttgart in "Automobiles and mechanical engineering." He a long time worked in the company BOSCH. He was repeatedly elected senator University was a dean of the faculty of engineering. Today is an active member of various scientific committees (experimental factory, Narossa, MAHREG). Prof. Choke enhances the scientific and educational cooperation between MMI and engineering faculty of the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg.
With his participation, our students were production and design practice at leading factories in Germany (Volkswagen, Porshe).

After awarding of diploma prof. Choke made a report on "The potential to reduce vehicle carbon emissions" in the framework of the IX International scientific conference "Progressive Technology - 2008". The actual theme found a response among the audience, was asked many questions to which prof. Choke gave meaningful answers.

By O.P.Halimon, deputy dean JUGFE


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