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Temporary regulations on the organizations of educational process in NTUU “KPI”: 6.2. Independent work of students

Independent work of students (IWS) is the primary means of learning material retention free from classroom training time.

Independent work of students includes educational material processing, preparation for lectures and other educational classes, individual assignments, training attestation work, scientific research and so on.

Study time allotted for individual work full-time students is regulated by working curriculum and is usually from 1/3 to 2/3 of the total teaching time allocated to study a specific discipline. Considering the weekly student workload is 45 hours weekly self-study should constitute, as a rule, from 15 to 30 hours.

When planning independent work of students a recommended time is one hour IWS for each lecture. To prepare for:

  • practical class - 1-2 hours;
  • laboratory work, computer practicum - 2-3 hours;
  • seminar, modular control work - 2-4 hours;
  • credit - 6 hours;
  • exam – 30 hours.

The content of independent work of students from a particular credit module KM is determined work program, teaching materials, tasks and guidelines of scientific and pedagogical worker.

Independent work of students provided by the system of educational and methodical tools provided for work program KM: textbooks and teaching materials, lecture notes (courses, texts), practicums, collection of exercises, tasks, sets of individual semester assignments, computer educational complex, methodical recommendations (guidelines) to IWS of credit module, specific tasks, etc., which should have also electronic versions available in electronic campus of students of the University. These research and instructional methodology materials should predict the possibility of self-control on the part of the student. For independent work of students are also encouraged to corresponding scientific and professional monographic and periodical literature.

Independent work of student of learning material retention may take place in science and technology university library, classrooms, laboratories, computer classes, and at home.

To ensure the proper working conditions of students, if necessary, the work carried out previously composed the institute / department to schedule that guarantees the necessary rhythm of ISW, and the ability of individual students' access to appropriate teaching and facilities of general use. Schedule communicated to the students at the beginning of the semester.

When organizing independent work of students using copmlex equipment, facilities, information systems (computer databases, automated design systems, automated training systems, etc) must ensure the possibility of obtaining the necessary consultations or assistance from experts of the department.

Training material KM provided for assimilation by student in the process of self-study, put to the final control with educational material that was studied during classroom training sessions.

Course project (CP) to educational discipline is a separate credit module

- the creative individual task, the outcome of which is the development of a new product (device, equipment, process, mechanism, hardware and software, etc., or their separate parts). Course project contains a calculation-explanatory note, drawings and other materials which are determined task for course design. Course project executed by the student in his own under the guidance of scientific and pedagogical worker during a specified period in one semester under the terms of reference based on the knowledge and skills acquired from a given and allied subjects, and materials industrial enterprises and scientific research institutions, patents and so on. 

Coursework (CW) to educational discipline is a separate credit module - is an individual task, which involves the development of the totality of documents (calculation-explanatory or explanatory notes, if necessary - graphics, illustrations), and is a creative or reproductive decision of specific task on about objects of activities of specialist (devices, equipments and technological processes, mechanism, hardware and software, or their separate parts, economic, social, linguistic problems, etc.), executed by the student on his own under the guidance of scientific and pedagogical worker in accordance with the task, based on acquired from a given and allied subjects, knowledge and skills.

Course projects (works) promote the expansion and deepening of theoretical knowledge, their experience of practical use, self-solve specific problems.

Of course project (work) should be developed a work program and the CM rating system of evaluation. Semester control with CP (KW) is differentiated offset.

The theme of course projects (works) must comply with the task of educational discipline and be associated closely with the practical needs of a particular profession. Theme of  course projects (works) annually reviewed, updated and approved at the sub-faculty meeting.

The aim, objective and order of course projects and works, content and scope of their separate parts, the nature of the initial data and other requirements given in the the methodical pointing that are being developed by departments, leading course design.

In one semester planned no more than one course project / work. The condition of planning curriculum CP (KW) is the availability of practical training (computer practicums) with the appropriate discipline. CP (KW) can be planned with the educational disciplines no less than 4 credits. In pursuance of course project work in educational plan and program the appropriate educational discipline necessary to provide 45 hours of ISW on the course work - 30 hours ISW. Students are given the right of choice the topics of the course project / work or offered to put forward its own theme. Fixing topics course projects / works for students is registered in the log indicating the date.

The guidance of course projects (works) carried out the most qualified scientific and pedagogical staff. The defense of course project (work) performed publicly before the commission of two scientific and pedagogical staff, including the head of the course project (work).  

Results of defense of the course project (work) are assessed by national scale and by ECTS scale according to the rating system of assessment.  

A student who did not submitted course project / work without reasonable excuse in the specified period or not defended it, is considered as having academic debts. When receiving unsatisfactory mark, commission takes a decision on a course project / work for a new topic or rework a previous work. 

The results of course design are discussed at the sub-faculty meeting.

Course projects (work) are stored at the department for one year, then written off and utilizes in the prescribed manner.

Annotations of course projects / works volume not less than 650 characters are placed on the department's website on open access and are stored at least one year.

Individual task of credit modules (abstracts, calculation, graphic, scalculating and graphic works, control works executed during the ISW (home control works), and others.) Contribute to a more deep study of theoretical material forming skills of knowledge to solve relevant practical tasks. Specific types of individual tasks from certain CM determined by the work curriculum. The terms of issuance, execution and defense of individual tasks determined by the schedule, developed by the department of graduating for each semester. Individual tasks are carried out by students on their own with ensuring the necessary consultations on specific issues of the scientific and pedagogical worker. Obtained by student marks under the criteria RSO for the individual task in the rating takes into account the results of student learning with CM. 

Positive ratings received by student for individual tasks is a necessary condition for admission to semester student control of the CM.  

Realized individual work of students are stored at the department for one year, then written off and utilized in the established order.  

Calculation and graphics work (CGW) - individual task, which foresees the decision of study of a particular practical problem with the use of known and (or) studied theoretical material on their own. A significant part of this work is graphic material, which is performed in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements. 

Calculation and graphic works (CW, GW) - individual tasks that foresee solving specific practical training using known problem, and (or) studied theoretical material on their own. The significant part of CW make calculations, which may be accompanied by illustrative material: graphics, vector diagrams, histograms and more. The significant part of the GW graphic material is made in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.

The condition of planning curriculum CGW (CW, GW) is the availability of practical training on the appropriate educational discipline. 

Control works performed during the ISW (home control work - HCW) - are the individual tasks that foresee self-performance of a student practical work based on learned theoretical material. Control works as a calculation works may foresee some illustrative material.   

In one semester the number of CGW (CW, GW, HCW) for full-time students - no more than 4, and for students of correspondence - not more than 10. In pursuance by students every of these works in the work program of the CM necessary to provide at least 15-20 hours of ISW. 

  Abstracts, analytical reviews, translations and so on - these individual tasks, which tends to strengthen and expand students' theoretical knowledge on specific topics educational discipline, develop independent work experience with educational and scientific literature. This form of individual tasks is recommended for educational disciplines of humanitarian and socio-economic direction. In one semester, the number of abstracts (analytical reviews etc.) from different educational disciplines cannot be more than three. In pursuance of the abstract on discipline in the work program of the CM necessary to provide at least 10-15 hours ISW.

   Individual tasks are stored at the department for one year, then written off and utilized in the established order.

Recommendations to the structure and content of the methodical recommendations (guidelines)  to the ISW given in Appendix B of this Regulation

Temporary regulation about organization of educational process in NTUU «KPI» [Text] / Sig.: V.P. Holovenkin (sec.: 1-8, 10, 12), S.V. Melnychenko (sec.: 9, 11); by gen. edit. Y.I. Yakymenko. K.: NTUU “KPI”, 2015. - 102 p.


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