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National Day of Labour Protection

Національний день охорони праці

Seeking to draw the attention of the international community to create appropriate conditions for a person on the basis of priority of life and health, International Labour Organization (ILO) annually celebrates the World Day of Labour Protection.

According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine on August 18, 2006 established the National Labour Day, it is celebrated annually on April 28 and is held in organizations of all forms of ownership and economic sectors of Ukraine.

The main goal of state policy of Ukraine in the field of the labour protection is the preservation of life, health and disability rights in the workplace. The employee constitutional right to proper, safe and healthy working conditions should be provided and be subject to special care and control of the state under any circumstances.

The object of this widespread action is to draw attention of the public, public authorities, enterprises and non-governmental organizations to the actual state of safety and working conditions in industries, on specific enterprises and organizations.

The most topical issues in labour protection and industrial security are to harsher punishments for Manufacturing Leader for failure to comply with safety requirements and unsolving range of social issues.

Taking into account the priority of life and health, employers should not economize on creating healthy and safe working conditions on enterprises and reduce the number of professionals who deal with these problems.

It will be held the complex mass actions at national, sectoral, regional and industrial levels such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions, round table discussions etc. on the occasion of the Week of Labour protection.

The university department of labour protection and structural units is developing action plans, dedicated to the Week of Labour Protection, to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases, improve safety and working conditions.

Everyone, who works in production, subjects to certain risks, ranging from the most dangerous sectors, which are industrial production and construction, to relatively safe area of ​​services.

Challenges in labour protection and industrial security spheres are the risk of accidents at work and their prevention, which are mandatory elements of safety management at the enterprise.

Specific work on the Day of Labour protection will help eliminate or reduce risks to life and health of the university workers, solving the problems of labour protection, which are still available.

It is necessary to achieve the main goal of this year, which is the absence of occupational injuries at the university department and reduce injuries in non-production sphere with the help of collaborate efforts of administration and trade union of University, Department of Labor Protection, managers and responsible persons for the labour protection of structural units and heads of trade union bureau.

Information of the labour protection service "KPI" , adapted from the magazine "Labour Protection"


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