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«Sikorsky Challenge 2015»: winners, awards, investments

2015.10.16 Фіналісти «Sikorsky Challenge 2015»

Over UAH 573 ml – that’s the sum that the agreements were concluded with venture, investment and charity funds on investments of nominees of IV Festival of innovative projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2015»!

The heads and members of jury announced the winner and together with representatives of investors presented awards and presents to the best authors of projects at the closing ceremony of the Festival «Sikorsky Challenge 2015».
Traditionally, the first to be invited to the scene of the Center of Culture and Arts of NTUU ‘KPI’ were the organizers and experts of the competition that gave his name to the Festival. The conclusions were unbelievable: the authors of the winning projects concluded a deal with venture, investment and charity funds on the general sum over UAH 573ml.

The Leonid Kuchma’s president fund unveiled investments in the sum of UAH 12 000 to every project:

- ‘Wave desalination power statition’ (Lytovchenko M.Y., Lytovchenko M.M.);
- ‘RadScount mk.3, robot for observation of radion-polluted aquatories’ (Makniov I.O., Makhniov O.I.);
- ‘Universal system for osteosynthesis’ (Chychylova M.Ye., Sogoian T.A.);
- ‘Universal robotized farm’ (Golovachenko A., Golovachenko T.);
- ‘Device for treatment of erosive destructives of human skin’ (Pylypchuk A.).

Epam Company supported the project:

- ‘CClipse’ (Kryvyi D.V.) – UAH 20 000;

Veneto Plc:

- ‘Luciding’ (Skrychevskyi M.V.) – UAH 330 000;

Kalinin Invention Fund:

- ‘Student’s nano-satellite PolyTAN-2’ (Rassamakin, Baiskov, Ostapchyk, Kovalenko, Bendasiuk, Pinchuk) – UAH 780 000;
Science and production union ‘Information technologies’:
- ‘Cardio 4u’ (Tymoshenko Yu.O.) – UAH 30 000;
- ‘Luciding’ (Skrychevskyi M.V.) – UAH 50 000;
- ‘Lanolit – the fixture system for hygroscopic materials’ (Volosova N.M., Petrusha A.V., Mamuta M.D., Grinchenko Ye.I., Semenova V.O.) – 11 UAH 100 000;

Venture fund ‘USP Capital’:

- ‘Multivisor Wider’ (Galiashynskyi A.) – UAH 1 800 000;
‘Noosphere’ Fund:
- ‘Cardio 4u’ (Tymoshenko Y.O) – UAH 30 000;
- ‘Project of aerial heating of innovation centre with the help of condensation heat generator on the basis of cooling system of the center of supercomputer research’ (Khovanskyi D.V.) – UAH 300 000;
- ‘Identifying and marking on the map objects that use Wi-Fi modules’ (Galushchenko O.M.) – UAH 16 500 000;
- ‘APK ‘Tsenturion’ – audit complex of wire and wireless networks’ (Galushchenko O.M.) – UAH 18 700 000;

The Center of Anticrisis Initiatives:

- ‘Instrumental Platform of foresight of complex socio-economical systems’ (Boldak A.O., Dergachov V.V., Yefremov K.V., Ilchenko K.O., Pyshnograev I.O.) – UAH 55 000 000;

Fund of scientific and technical development of Ukraine n.a. V.S. Mykhalevych:

- ‘Ionite filter’ (Maslov O, Kosygin V., Rogova N.) – UAH 330 000;
- ‘Universal robotized farm’ (Golovachenko A., Golovachenko T.) – UAH 880 000;
- ‘Development of improved method of digital processing of miscellaneous data of Earth sounding for solving agricultural problems’ (Vostokov A.V., Kokhan S.S., Moskalenko A.A.) – UAH 2 640 000;
- ‘Assault rifle’ (Fedorenko Yu.G., Shkaluta D.B., Ostapenko O.G.) – UAH 2 640 000;
- ‘Universal system for osteosynthesis’ (Chychylova M.Ye., Sogoian T.A.) – UAH 6 600 000;
- ‘Operational-tactical UFV complex carrier’ (Ostapenko O.) – UAH 10 340 000;
- ‘Identifying and marking on the map objects that use Wi-Fi modules’ (Galushchenko O.M.) – UAH 13 200 000;
- ‘System Antifrode Agr.Complex “RATYBOR LAN MAX” with analytical correlation filter’ (Galushchenko O.M.) – UAH 16 500 000;
- ‘APK ‘Tsenturion’ – audit complex of wire and wireless networks’ (Galushchenko O.M.) – UAH 18 700 000;
Nature Technologies Plc.:
- ‘Student’s nano-satellite PolyTAN-2’ (Rassamakin, Baiskov, Ostapchyk, Kovalenko, Bendasiuk, Pinchuk) – UAH 780 000;
- ‘Development and usage of baromembrane filter on the base of aquaporin’ (Grabitchenko V.M., Kamaiev V.S., Gomelia M.D.) – UAH 5 940 000;
- ‘Campus 2.0’ (Buberenko V., Stirenko S., Bas A., Trynadchiadko B., Abramov D., Repin M., Gordienko M.) – UAH 22 000 000;
- Project of autonomous heat supply “Proper heat” (Shovskaliuk M.M., Shevchenko O.M., Shovskaliuk Yu.V.) – UAH 260 000 000.

After announcement of the winners of Start-up competition ‘Sikorsky Challenge 2015’ the winners of the Presentation competition of innovative projects on the Program CRDF of scientific and technical enterprise ‘STEP 2015’ were invited onto the stage.

Thus, the grants of CRDF Global on business trips to the USA in the first part of 2016 were given to the graduate of 8-week educational course of CRDF Global on commercialization of technologies – Commercialization Pathfinder eLearning Platform-2015:

- Liapna K. (The Institute of Electric Welding n.a. Ye. Paton, the project of plant growth stimulators on the basis of metal nanoparticles application);
- Ponomarenko S. (Kharkiv Institute of radiophysics and electronics n.a. O.Usik, the project of software for development of sources of electromagnetic high-frequency radiation);
- Rogachova O. (the project of mobile application InkHunter that uses the technology of added reality for projecting future tattoos on the human’s body).
The grants of CRDF Global on business trips to the USA were also provided to the mentors of this year educational course of CRDF Global:
- Afonina I. (East-Ukrainian national university n.a. Dal V.);
- Kulchytskyi I. (‘The Agency of Eurpean Innovations’, Lviv University of Management).

During 6 months winners can obtain consultations and study commercialization of technologies from personal mentors and experts of CRDF Global from technological enterprise:

- Kravchenko T. (Donetsk national university, project SafeBand);
- Paspodnia D. (Physical and technical institute n.a. O.O. Galkin of the National Academy of Science of Ukrain), project on medical application of modifier titanium alloys;
- Tashyreva A. (The institute of microbiology and virology n.a. D.K. Zabolotnyi, the project of obtaining of molecular hydrogen from organic waste);
- Sherimbetova N. (a graduate of Sikorskyi Challenge start-up school, the start-up project of foreign language learning ‘8 Words a Day’ - ;
The special award of CRDF Global for the scientific and technical enterprise in the sphere of alternative energy was given to:
- Musiy R. (Lviv department of physical and chemical fuels of the Institute of physical and organic and coal chemistry of the Academy of Science of Ukraine, the project of development of solar panels and exterior units).

Finally, there was an announcement of the winners of the ‘Intel-Techno Ukraine 2015-2016’ Competition – the national stage of the international competition ‘Intel-ISEF’. It was traditionally very ceremonial. All the participants were coming out onto the stage according to their categories and received finalists diplomas. After that, the presenters announced the names of the projects of the authors that had the forth, third, second and first places. Besides, receiving diplomas, winners got the presents from the sponsors – routers, flash-drives, portable loudspeakers, tables etc.

The winners of the competition this year are:

- the category ‘Mathematics’ – Chan Fiong An (One question on figurate numbers. Cherkasy physical and mathematical lyceum);
- the category ‘Computer science’ – Tkachenko Artem, Zholner Ivan (‘Password hack of smartphone by using physics if its sensors’, Kyiv lyceum of natural sciences №145);
- the category ‘Physics and astronomy’ – Galynka Maryna (‘The research of newly discovered double stars’, Mariinska grammar school, Odesa);
- the category of ‘Energetics’ – Tyshchenko Valeriia (‘Production of electric energy with the help of surface waves’, Physical and technical lyceum of Kherson city council, department of Kherson national technical university, Dnipropetrovsk national university);
- the category of ‘Engineering’ – Bezbakh Volodymyr (‘The system of protection and goods logistics’, Kyiv-Petchersk lyceum №171 Lider, Kyiv); Chychylova Marta (‘Universal distractor for veterinary surgery of mammals’, School №37, Kyiv);
- ‘Robotics and intellectual machines’ – Drobnych Mark, (‘The platform for creation of intellectual personal robots with the change of body structure’ Classical grammar school, Uzhgorod, Zakarpattia region).

Besides, the winners, project authors, that were awarded with the diplomas and certificates of international scientific communities:

- from the American meteorological community: Gorohovskyi Ivan and Lykhovskyi Dmytro (SMART laboratory project), Kuznetsov Danylo (the project of the Usage of the properties of neutral point for climate influence);
- from Material studies foundation ASM – Nazarchyk Victoria (‘Receiving of eco thermo insulating materials on the base of perlite’);
- from the Association of women-scientists of the Earth – Gedz Kateryna (‘Computer processing of world map images’);
- Intel award for achievement in computing – Gordienko Nikita and Repin Mykyta (‘Personal assistant on the base of added reality for the help of challenging people’);
- In vitro, the biology community – Pogasiy Oleksandr (‘Development of the methodology for magnet-control biosorbent production’);
- Yale scientific and technical association - Bezbakh Volodymyr (‘The system of protection and goods logistics’).

The honorary right to present Ukraine in the World final ‘Intel-ISEF’ in May was given to Mark Drobnych, Olge Kryva, Artem Tkachenko, Ivan Zholner, Nikita Gordienko, Mykyta Repin, Oleksandr Byzin, Volodymyr Bezbakh, Marta Chechylova, Anastasiia Livochka, Maryna Galynka, Nadia Maslova, Ilona Nagorna, Chan Fiong An.

[13-16.10.2015] «Sikorsky Challenge 2015» festival draws the most creative audience!

The IV Festival of innovative projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2015» will be held in National technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv polytechnic institute” within 13 and 17 October.

The purpose of festival is a determination of the most interesting and the most topical projects in different branches of technology as well as their commercialization facilitating, start-ups formation and introducing innovative products into national and international markets.

Within the framework of the festival the competition of innovative projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2015», «Intel-Techno Ukraine 2015-2016» - national stage of international competition of scientific and technical work of school students «Intel ISEF», competition of innovative developments presentations CRDF Global (Fund of civil research and developments; USA) according to Kharkiv innovative platform program as well as Scientific and technical entrepreneurship are going to be held. In total, the participants represented several hundreds of projects concerning different subjects.

The collective body of winning projects of Ukrainian-wide competition of innovative projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2015» will get the chance to bring their projects in the environment of scientific park “Kyiv polytechnics” with the assistance of grant and venture funds. Super-finalist of «Intel-techno Ukraine 2015» competition- national stage of international competition of scientific and technical work of school students that is held with the assistance of American embassy in Ukraine will be able to improve their developments with scientists in laboratories of NTUU “KPI” and institutes of Ukrainian NAS, the best of them will represent Ukraine at worldwide final competition «Intel ISEF» in USA. The winners of CRDF Global competition will receive travel grants to USA where they can meet potential investors as well as grants for work over innovative projects together with American business experts.

The festival will take place with financial support of ““Ukraine” President Fund of Leonid Kuchma, Noospehre international investment company, ILand Management investment company, venture funds after V. S. Myhalevych, Kalinin Invention Fund, Sikorsky Challenge Ventures Fund, AVentures, Detonate Ventures, Intel corporation, charity fund of Ukraine “Open hearts”, Independent association of Ukrainian banks, CRDF Global as well as a series of international companies etc.

Last year, the prizewinners of competition received over 23 million UAN of investments for their projects realization. This year support of winning projects is expected to be better.

An official opening ceremony will be held in October, 13 in center of culture and art of NTUU “KPI” (Peremogy Avenue, 37, the square of knowledge, an entry into the campus is Yangel str. side). The start is at 15.30. The ambassadors of foreign countries, executives of state government bodies, managers of popular media, business representatives as well as prominent Ukrainian scientists will take part in the ceremony opening.

However, the proceedings start earlier: projects exhibition by school students will start its operation from 14.00 in halls of Culture and Art Center of NTUU “KPI, during which, the mass media representatives will have an opportunity to get comments of developments authors as well as organization committee members.

The names of competition winners will be announced during an official ceremony closing in October, 16 at 11.00.

Contact information:
Stefanovych Dmytro Lvovych (press office chief of NTUU “KPI”): 204-99-29,
e-mail: gazeta[at]


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