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The known leaders of French universities have visited NTUU "KPI"

2015.06.23-24 НТУУ «КПІ» відвідали керівники відомих французьких університетів

NTUU "KPI" was visited by the heads of the leading French technical universities – the General Director of the Ecole Polytechnic (École Polytechnique – polytechnic school, Paris), Yve Dome, Director of the National high school of high technologies (École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées – ENSTA ParisTech, Paris) Elisabeth Crépon and the President of the University of the city of Le Mans Rashid El Gerguma.

The visit was preceded by the Ukrainian-French forum of universities and scientific institutions, which took place at the Ministry of science and education of Ukraine on June 23. It was participated by the heads of French and Ukrainian universities, as well as the extraordinary and plenipotentiary Ambassador of France in Ukraine Alen Remy, the first Deputy Minister Inna Sovsun and the Deputy Minister Maksym Striha. A number of agreements were signed at the forum: cooperation between the conferences of presidents of universities of the CPU; the conference of Directors of engineering schools of France CDEFI and the Council of the Union of rectors of higher educational institutions of Ukraine and the Association of rectors of higher technical educational institutions of Ukraine; between separate French and Ukrainian universities, etc. Among them: agreements on double master’s degrees diploma between the Polytechnic school of Paris (École Polytechnique) and NTUU "KPI"; cooperation between National higher school of high technology (ENSTA ParisTech) and NTUU "KPI"; cooperation between Higher Polytechnique, ENSTA ParisTech, NTUU "KPI" and the Scientific Park "Kyivska Polytechnika"; cooperation between the University of the city of Le Mans and NTUU "KPI".

Yve Dome and Elisabeth Crépon visited NTUU "KPI" at that day. The guests from France examined the historical part of the campus and the exposure of the State Polytechnic Museum at NTUU "KPI" as well as met scientists, teachers and students. Yve Dome and Elisabeth Crépon presented their engineering schools to Ukrainian colleagues. Kiev Polytechnic Institute, in turn, has done a number of presentations: the University rector, academician of NAS of Ukraine Michailo Zgurovsky told about NTUU "KPI" and innovation platform of Scientific Park "Kyivska Polytechnika", while the leaders of researching groups told about the work in the context of programmes "Nanosatellites", " Pilotless vehicle ", " Inter-orbital space transportation complex" and "Cyber security".

After the presentations, participants discussed the trends and prospects of cooperation and agreed on further joint actions that must fulfil the provisions of the signed agreements with specific content.

The President of the University of the city of Le Mans Rashid El Gerguma visited NTUU “KPI” on June 24. The meeting was attended by the rector of "KPI» Michailo Zgurovsky, Vice-rector Yuriy Yakymenko, Deputy Rector of international cooperation Sergey Sidorenko and others. It was talked of industries in which the universities would cooperate (those are primarily linguistics, computational mathematics, optical technology, chemical technology, management, finance, etc). Following the meeting, participants agreed to prepare and sign a joint protocol, which would become the annex concluded before the cooperation agreement.

On photo: rector of NTUU "KPI" Michailo Zgurovsky with the guests of the University near the I. Sikorsky monument.


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