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Hieroglyphics of feelings

художниця Наталія Гончарова

Under this title in the picture gallery of our University hosted an exhibition of Kiev artist Natalia Goncharova. Mistress compares her paintings with poetry, which can not be listened,it can be only seen , that's why the images are followed by its own poetry.

She believes that, symbols are everywhere. And the artist tries to breathe feelings into them, because she is sure that, even primitive symbol can carry spiritual emotional burden.

Natalia is a versatile and creative person. Musical education and participation in theatrical productions, designer and hand-made creations, and yet the interaction with people and nature inspires the artist. And she creates life, floral songs, simple pictures with deep philosophical meaning.
Mistress characterizes her creativity as such that has no racial or ethnic status, therefore, each person sees and feels something different, close and intimate.

Information is from KPI art gallery.


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