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Kiseleva Olga Genadievna. Big science is made at the intersection of disciplines

Photo. Kiseleva Olga Genadievna

Young scientist Olga Kiseleva is the famous person on FBE. She works in a group of scientists involved in the formation of a new branch of science and education on the verge of engineering and biomedical sciences, aimed at developing a competitive medical technology, artificial organs and biomaterials, computer programs, technologies, as well as the introduction of information technologies in health. The sphere of scientific interests O.G.Kiselova is broad and multifaceted. It includes such areas as information technology, mathematics, life sciences. It allows her to conduct research and develop new directions in biological and medical informatics and cybernetics, biomedical engineering.

O.G. Kiseleva was born in Kiev, studied in physics and mathematics lyceum №208. Since the 9th year of studying she was preparing to join the NTUU"KPI". She was enrolled on the Department of Computer Aided Design FE, where in 2005 she received a master's degree in computer science with honors. Being the student she showed a penchant for research work. Today Olga  continues scientific research under the guidance of Ph.D. E.A.Nastenko, prof. V.P.Yatsenko and Dean FBE prof. V.B.Maksimenko.

At the time of studying O.G.Kiselova at FE, it was began to form a new department - Interuniversity Medico-Engineering. At this new department Olga began her research and teaching activities. She successfully went through assistant to senior lecturer, associate dean for International Cooperation , deputy head of the department of medical-diagnostic systems, a member of the Academic Council FBE. She became the young teacher-researcher - 2010.  She carries out a course of lectures and laboratory works on discipline "Technology of programming and software products", leads the graduate student. At work, she combines maximum engineering, information and biomedical components to prepare future professionals, who will be able to meet the demands of modern society.

Olga Kiseleva is a member of the organizational and program committee of the International Conference "Biomedical Engineering and Technology", which is held annually on FBE, and the international conference "The virtual instruments in biomedicine," which is held annually at the Department of Medical Technology Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Klaipeda (Lithuania) . She organizes and conducts annually the seminars with international participation in the development and implementation of methods of virtual technologies in the educational process and research work in the field of biomedical research. For three years she organized and conducted summer school "Virtual Technologies in Biomedicine" FBMI for students on the basis of Klaipeda University in Lithuania. In 2009, the laboratory of virtual technologies, which is under her responsibility, was ranked third in the competition classroom fund and classrooms NTUU "KPI".

O.G.Kiselova over the past 4 years has been the executive in charge of two international projects with the Republic of Lithuania, financed by MES, twice scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service and practice in TU city Dresden (Germany), has won many competitions for the best report on international conferences in Ukraine and abroad. She was trained in the biochemistry laboratory of the Institute of Hygiene ofVilnius (Lithuania) and virtual laboratory and medical technology Klaipeda University (Lithuania). O. Kiseleva is the author of 80 scientific papers, two patent applications. In addition, O. Kiseleva is the executive in charge of FBE on cooperation with the company "J. ir A. Romanovu", which is a partner of National Instruments (USA) in the Baltic countries, as well as co-executor of the contract between the company and FBE and the company  Materialise (Belgium). New knowledge she immediately uses in the educational process and applies in her scientific work.

Students who work under her leadership, have been repeatedly awarded diplomas for their reports, and research and development at many conferences in Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia. Their research were published in professional journals and conference proceedings.

Therefore, we wish young energetic teacher-researcher O.G.Kiselova new scientific achievements and successful students!

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