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Jokes. Session for us is always a holiday!

Знання - сила!
  • Examinations - the only way to know at least something for at least a few days.
  • On examination  those who are not  interested in the answer,  ask those who are not able to answer.
  • The great advantage of the examiner that he was sitting on the better side of the table.
  • Exams scared everybody, because the most stupid can ask more than the wisest can answer.
  • Come to the exam with a clear head: you will deal with many unknown things.
  • Even if the knowledge is released for free, you need to come with your own containers.
  • If the sky will hear the prayers of the students, there would be no living teacher in the world.
  • Students better remember the mistakes of their teachers.
  • To be a good teacher, you need to love the subject, and to love those who are taught.
  • A good teacher can teach others, even the things he does not know.
  • The less the specific name of the discipline, the less you learn from it. The more specific the name of discipline, the less you'll need it later. "Note Rominger"
  • University develops all abilities, including stupidity.
  • University Diploma - a document certifying that you have had a chance to learn something.
  • University Diploma allows to make mistakes more confidently.
  • Education costs money. Lack of education - as well.
  • An educated person - someone who knows where to find what he doesn’t know.
  • A competent person - the one who will always find a synonym of a difficult word.
  • The scholarship is necessary but not sufficient.

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