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Shumska Alla Antonovny. Bereginia

Shumska Alla Antonovny

The romantics and lyrics of sixties-romance are still among us. It is due to their efforts, the desire of goodness and justice, honor and dignity, love and creativity our world becomes more harmonious. Their ideas and principles of life already are professed by children and grandchildren. One can only envy colleagues and pupils of the IPT associate professor Ph.D. Alla Antonovny Shumska. This clever, with a wealth of life experience wise woman personifies the best universal qualities. She seizes the attention from the first minute. Communicate with her is interesting on any topic: from geopolitics to simple everyday topics.

In the Kiev Polytechnic Alla Antonovna came not so long ago. When it was created the Department of Mathematical methods of information security, it is based on the employees of the Institute cybernetics of V.M. Glushkov, among them A.A.Shumska, whose research interests are focused in the development of analytical and statistical methods for determining the reliability of complex systems. She now lectures on algebra, geometry, discrete mathematics to the students of IPT and FBE. She is respected and considered the competent expert, attentive teacher and mentor. As a curator she works a lot with freshmen, knows their problems and helps settle into the new environment. “Bereginia”(keeper) – she was named by the Head of the Department prof. M.M.Savchuk. And students think kindly of their mentor and years later send greetings and thanks.

Teaching work takes a lot of time and effort. However Alla Antonovna doesn’t leave the science. Working with her husband abroad, where he was on the research grants (Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt), she was clearly convinced that Ukrainian scientists are able to compete with their European counterparts, and national scientific schools are well respected in Europe. Currently, together with colleagues she is preparing for a scientific conference on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the founder of the Ukrainian school mathematical theory of reliability, head of the mathematical methods of the theory of reliability of complex systems Institute of Cybernetics of V.M. Glushkov academician NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Science, Professor Igor Kovalenko - her mentor and the supervisor.

We live in turbulent times. And this absolutely peaceful woman knows how to be courageous, strong and ... heroic. A year ago, the whole world got a picture of two bloodied men - a father and son, teachers NTUU "KPI", which became one of the symbols of the Maidan. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Corresponding Member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize for Science and Technology and the award named after Nikolai Glushkov, Mykola Y Yurievich Kuznetsov and his 27-year-old son, Igor, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics. Sciences. There were her husband and son, by the way, a teacher in the fifth lap. Just incredible willpower, hardened in Kiev flying club (carried about 400 jumps with a parachute), a trained in dangerous situations to rely only on herself, have allowed this fragile woman alone take her family from the Institutska street and for days afterwards nurse, heal and maintain. Today, the whole family is engaged in volunteer work, his summer residence given to refugees from Donetsk.

But despite all the disasters, life goes on. And we live in hope for the future, remembering the past. In the summer the family lives in the village, where the land gives birth itself, says Alla Antonovna. Therefore, they provide themselves with fruits and vegetables for the whole year. Moreover, she grows exotic plants and is very glad to get an unusual fruit: sweet potatoes, scorzonera, red loh and others. "This is a real miracle - with a small seed such the goodies or flowers of unprecedented beauty are growing," - says the woman. Her son is also drawn to nature, loves ornamental plants. He is very fond of planting oaks and watch them grow and turn into sun-loving beauties. They have a dog Roni - the trustworthy friend and bodyguard, a favorite of the whole family.

The family of Alla Antonovna is very mobile. In winter, they go to the mountains to ski slopes, in the summer travel by car. They explore castles of Transcarpathia, Lviv and Ternopil, Crimea and Abkhazia, learn the history and culture, make new acquaintances and enjoy creation of nature and human hands. Recently, our “bereginia” started to be interested in needlework and handicrafts, inherited from grandparents. She wants to recreate those that are worn out, and give future grandchildren.

And in order to realize our dreams, should seek peace: in our souls, families, in harmony with others, in Ukraine. Let there be peace.

N. Vdovenco


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