Vadym Mazur – rectorial scholar of IME

"In a few months I’ll have a diploma defense, graduate ... and I miss my Polytechnic" - Vadym Mazur began his story in this way. He is the magistrand of the Department of laser technology, physical and engineering technologies, rectorial scholar in this semester.

Congratulations to Yuriy Mykolayovych Kuznetsov

Professor tools and machines design Department of the MMI, a member of AS of higher education of Ukraine, D. S. in engineering, Yuriy Mykolayovych Kuznetsov on awarding a gold medal "The Outstanding Inventor" of the World Intellectual Property Organization!

Bogdan Glyvynskyy about LitVezha

In September 2015, in the KPI tower, the event that changed the literary life of our university took place – the LitVezha project came into the world. Boys and girls, students of KPI(and not only them) started helding theme nights devoted word of art.

Shaping competition

The competition, held upon the Olympics Program of the "KPI", was attended by 85 students of FBMI, FMF, FL, HTF, FMM, FEL, ITC, FPM, fax, MMI, PTI, FIVT, FAT, VPI, IASA, IMD, FBT, IEE. The main aim of the competition is the popularization of sports and healthy lifestyle.