To Eugene Viktorovskyy’s 90th birthday

This year it’s Eugene Viktorovskyy’s 90th birthday and 60 yearfrom his death (9 October 1926 - 19 December 1956) –  famous Ukrainian mathematician, whose name is now known all over the world.

Mykola Soroka. Biographical story "One more spring". I part

The bells were dinging, buzzing, like only copper does, drawlingly, absorbing the whole plain. Silver distance was swinging, and the sun was mercilessly blazing in the eyes. It was so low that even the smell of burnt could be felt. But then, little by little the bells calmed down, as if someone was playing with them, and then completely cut some thin string.

The Memorial "To Heroes of Chornobyl" on Troieshchyna

One of the largest residential areas Kyiv is Vyhurivshchyna-Troieshchyna (in everyday communication of Kyiv residents it is simply Troyeshchyna) with the area of ​​three and a half thousand hectares and nearly half a million people.

Round table: ‘Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station – 30 years later’

On April 7th, a round table: ‘Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station – 30 years later’ organized by the Ukrainian nuclear community (UNC), State specialized enterprise of CNPS, National Nuclear Energy-generating company ‘Energoatom’ and NTUU ‘KPI’ took place in the Academic Board Hall.