Статті 8 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2014 рік

Pankratova Natalia Dmytrievna. A man of honor

Kiev Polytechnic Institute for good reason is consider to be the best Ukrainian institution.  After all gathered here, without exaggeration, technical, and as recent events have shown, the spiritual elite of the country - the future and the present one.

With love for mathematics

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute - is not only a glorious history, outstanding alumni and renowned research and educational institution of today's world. This is a special aura that cannot be described, but it can be felt.

Matviichuk Anna. To treat effectively

Magical, fabulous, beautiful, fragile, friendly, always smiling and extremely talented - it's all about Anna Matviichuk, winner of the NTUU"KPI" competition in the nomination "The young teacher-researcher - 2013".

Experience of senior to youth

In youth, time flows by. It seems only recently Katya Boyarinova mastered the specialty "Management of foreign economic activity" at FMM and received a master's degree, but now already has ten years experience of scientific and pedagogical work at the Department of Management.

With Ukraine in heart

Kyiv Polytechnic is incredible youth center, which attracts talented and ambitious individuals. Years of training contribute to their maturity, professional development and implementation of the most unexpected dreams.

Famous women inventors

From ancient times, a woman was considered the guardian of the hearth, so science and other social activities have been the prerogative of men.