Статті 36 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2014 рік

Students FE practice in Germany

From October 11 to October 24, a group of students of the Faculty of Electronics (Departments of microelectronics, electronic appliances and devices) was at the Dresden Technical University (Germany) on educational and technological practice (under the Agreement on a double diploma between NTUU"K

Volunteers help participants ATO

As we reported, at the initiative of the Rector of NTUU "KPI" M.Z. Zgurovsky, Charities' Volunteer Battalion KPI "was established in the University.

Veteran players KPI - Champions!

For more than 10 years, the football team of veterans' KPI 'participates in the championship among veterans' teams Kyiv. This year, the veterans' competitions consisted of 9 teams. This contest started in May and ended in November.

Job Fair "Work for You - Fall 2014"

November 6, 2014, a job fair "Work for You - Fall 2014", organized by the Centre for Career Development and the Department of educational work was traditionally held in NTUU “KPI”.