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Issue № 4 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2013 year

Ratings, places, science, knowledge ...

Рейтинги, місця, наука, знання…

In October 2012 the regular rating of 400 universities in the world was published. This rating was made by the British magazine "Times Higher Education" and in which, unfortunately, Ukrainian universities are absent.

Hacksaw as an argument of designer

Ножівка як аргумент конструктора

Famous engineers of the past combined deep fundamental training in physics, mathematics, chemistry, materials science, strength of materials, design with daily practice and a deep knowledge of production. As a result, they do not just knew and loved his "child", but also "feel" them.

Student supervisory responsibility

Студентський актив ІПСА

Student Life is special time for every young person who has decided to get professional education.

Railway transport: Be careful! Formula of safety

Формула безпеки |

The developed network of passenger railway transport provides convenience and comfort to people in the country. Railway transport is constantly updated, opening new routes for the needs of the population. During holidays and summer schedule is supplemented with the additional trains.

Meeting with Prof. Tetsuya Ishikawa

2013.01.23 Зустріч з професором Тетсуя Ішикава

On January 23, 2013 prof. Tetsuya Ishikawa (Japan), Director of “SPring-8", the accelerator complex which is a source of synchrotron radiation of the third generation with the world's highest energy of 8 GeV, visited NTUU “KPI”. He was accompanied by Mr.


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