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Issue № 2 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2013 year

Mathematical training of an engineer, ways to improve it

Математична підготовка інженера: шляхи вдосконалення

A graduate of modern higher technical educational institution must have a high level of professional knowledge as well as knowledge and skills of science subjects cycle, and especially math. Improving the training of specialists is impossible without improving their mathematical training.

Akmeology and cybernetic akmeology in Ukraine and NTUU "KPI"

Leonardo da vinci, Profile of a man and study of two riders

Science Akmeology exists since 1928. It studies the laws and phenomena of a mature man development in the process of personal and professional growth. The basic principles of this science were laid by academician B.M. Bekhterev, and its name was suggested by prof. N.A.Ribnikov.

The Formula of security. If you have gas in the apartment ...

Якщо у вас в  квартирі газ…

The greatest numbers of accidents during the usage of gas at home happens because of the unauthorized equipment powering or the repair of gas appliances, the installation of additional gas appliances in violation of safety requirements, the setting of compulsory exhaust systems in kitchens and


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