Museums in Kyiv. In a chimera house [st. Bankova, 10]

More than a century "House with Chimeras" attracts attention and excites the imagination of locals and visitors alike for its location, layout, decorations and even the number of floors: there are three of them if you look from Bankova  and six from the square Franko.

Plan K.E. Tsiolkovsky

"Many people think that I'm busily about the rocket and care about its fate for the rocket itself. It would be a grave mistake - wrote Tsiolkovsky. – The rocket for me is just the way only, a method of penetration into the depths of space, but not an end in itself.

Technology of life

Recently in the media was proclaimed about biological treatment of water as scientific and technical achievements of the last 150 years, which brought the greatest benefit to people.

Long way to the sky

Fifty year is a long time to evaluate the meaning of the breakthrough to the space (the launch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth) and step by step analyze the history of successive accumulation of the data to penetrate the Universe.

The beginning of space exploration

1955. Space? Sputnik? These words belonged to science fiction. And although geophysical rocket rose into the sky higher and higher, and even for few minutes reached the comic heights, it was hard to believe that the space age will come so soon.