Nikolay Chizhevsky - Outstanding Polish graduate of KPI

Nikolay Chizhevsky (Mikolaj Czyzewski) was born in Ukraine (town Gadyach) in a family of the district secretary. In 1910 he finished the Kiev gymnasium and became the student of chemical faculty of KPI where received absolyutory (i.e.

Ezhi Pomyanovsky - Outstanding Polish graduate of KPI

He was born in 1893 to Poodle. He was a son of the doctor. In 1912 he finished a gymnasium in Lutsk and began training at the Kiev university. In 1913 Ezhi became the student of the Lviv polytechnic, and since 1915. - Kiev Polytechnical institute.

Tadeush Graff - Outstanding Polish graduate of KPI

Tadeush Alexander Graff (Tadeusz Aleksander Graff) was born in Warsaw in 1886. He left secondary school in Vinnytsia, then he studied in KPI at mechanical faculty. He participated in the Polish student's organizations: in the Brotherly help and Corporation, cooperating with Kazimir Vezheysky..

Planning of educational process in the KPI 1912 - as it was

In the context of the integration of Ukrainian higher education in the international educational space is an interesting reference to the history of our university, which was established in 1898 as an institution of higher education of a new type based on the experience of leading polytechnics Eu