In the period from November 2017 to April 2018, the Institute of monitoring the quality of education has conducted the twenty-third round of comprehensive monitoring of the quality of training specialists in the Igor Sikorsky KPI.
The monitoring covered about four thousand students of the IV year of study.

In the current round there was a high level of quality of long-term residual knowledge on fundamental disciplines, which testifies, on the one hand, the considerable work carried out by the corresponding departments, and on the other – a conscientious attitude towards monitoring by students.

Among the departments that showed the best results of fundamental training, the following should be noted:

- Department of mathematical methods of system analysis of IPSA;
- Department of mathematical modeling of economic systems of FMM;
- Department of Atomic Power Plants and Engineering Thermal Physics HPEF;
- Department of Microelectronics (Faculty of Electronics);
- Department of automation of chemical manufactures of Faculty of Chemical Engineering;
- Department of designing electron-computer equipment of Faculty of Electronics;
- Department of Automation and Control in the technical systems of Faculty of Informatics and Computing technologies.

Information of Institute of monitoring the quality of education

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