Contacts: tel.: +38044 204 8093;
Address: AB #11., room 208

Institute of Physics and Technology, one of the scientific-teaching departments, was founded in February, 1995 year. Institute trains specialists in modern sections of Applied Physics, Informatics and Informational Security. At the Bachelor studies teaching is beeing carried out accordingly to specialities and specializations:

105 Applied physics and nanomaterials

  • Advanced physical technologies
  • Physics of living systems
  • Physics of new energy sources

113 Applied mathematics

  • Mathematical methods of computer modeling
  • Applied cryptology

125 Cybersecurity

  • Systems and technologies of cybersecurity
  • Mathematical methods of cybersecurity
  • Technical information security systems

Professorial and Teaching Staff of IPT are around 100 high-skilled teachers and leading scientists from Ministry of Education and Science, NAS of Ukraine (2 academicians, 5 corresponding members, 35 doctors of science, 47 candidates of science).

Accordingly to numerous reviews of emloyers Institute of Physics and Technology fulfills it’s purpose: the training of elite-level specialists for science and high-technology braches of Ukarainian economy. Students of IPT had won 45 awards (etc. 6 Grand-prix) at International olympics in mathematics and programming (London, Los Angeles, Moscow, Munich, Teheran, Tokyo at alias), 130 awards at nationwide student competitions. Graduates have protected more than 40 thesises (each 6-th graduate a master science) in a branches of Mathematics, Physics, Informatics at Ukraine, Europe, USA. Majority of graduates works in Ukraine and holds the positions of leading specialists in science, analytics, experts and developers.