Kuznetsov Yuri Nikolaevich. Biography

Y.M. Kuznetsov was born June 24, 1940 in the city Kherson in the family of a serviceman. After graduating with a silver medal Kyiv secondary railway school, he entered in 1957 at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Odessa Polytechnic Institute. In 1959, he transferred to the KPI in Mechanical Engineering Faculty and graduated it in 1962 on specialty "Production engineering, machine tools and instruments". All his subsequent employment is linked with KPI, where he rose from assistant to professor.

In 1969 he defended his candidate thesis, and in 1984 – doctor’s thesis (it the Moscow Higher Technical School of M.E.Bauman) - entitled "Synthesis of clamping mechanisms rod machine." In 1977, he lectured courses "automatic machine", «Processing technology on CNC machines" in the Higher Machine Electro technical Institute (VMEI) in Gabrovo (Bulgaria). More than 30 years he is the executor of the international agreement on cooperation between the KPI and VMEI (now TU Gabrovo). He lectures part-time and provides methodological assistance to the related departments of technical universities in Lutsk, Kirovograd, Ternopol, Kherson, Cherkasy and Chernihiv.

YM Kuznetsov founded three scientific schools. The first - the synthesis and analysis clamping mechanisms, automatic manipulation of various objects and technological equipment for machine tools and flexible manufacturing systems. The second – the creation of automatic machines and CNC machine tools, machine tool systems of new generation in a modular fashion, including mechanisms of parallel structure for high-speed and precision machining. The third - the problems of scientific and technical work and intellectual property. He supervised 6 doctors and 33 Candidates of Science. He created a special differential-morphological method of finding new technical solutions in the field of clamping mechanisms at the level of inventions, issued a series of textbooks, chief aids, books about machines and their mechanisms. In 1998 Y.M. Kuznetsov developed the concept of training the intellectual elite universities in Ukraine, prepared a training program for masters and experts, published book "Patent and Copyright" and several textbooks on new subjects, including the new specialty "Intellectual Property". Y.M. Kuznetsov is the author of over 700 scientific papers, 55 books, 400 inventions.

Yuri Nikolayevich carries out a great social activity. For many years, he was a member of the Expert Committee of Ukraine Higher Attestation Commission, member of the editorial board of the publishing house "Engineering" and editorial boards of several collections, a member of the Committee on State Prizes in Science and Technology, chairman of the innovators of the October District of Kyiv. Now he is the Chairman of the Expert Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property Department of Science and Innovation NTUU "KPI", a member of the scientific-methodical commission MES of Ukraine on mechanical engineering, academic councils for doctoral and master's theses, academic secretary general technical Division of Higher Education Ukraine. In 1995 he was elected Academician of AS Higher Education of Ukraine, from 2002 to 2007 he was its vice-president.

Y.M. Kuznyetsov - honored inventor of the USSR (1991), Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine (1998), Distinguished Lecturer KPI (1998) Doctor Honoris Causa TU Gabrovo (2003), winner of the National Contest "Invention - 2004 ", awarded gold and silver medals of ENEA USSR, signs" Inventor of USSR "," Creator ".