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[site] International scientific and technical conference "INSTRUMENT МАКING: state and prospect"

International scientific and technical conference "INSTRUMENT МАКING: state and prospect”

Department of Information and Measuring Technique (IVT), PBF

Address: Kyiv, Borschagivska street, 126, AB #18, room 324
Mail Address: Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056, pr. Peremohy 37, Department IMT, KPI-4120
Phone: +38 044 204-99-38
Social networks: FB

Research Center "Devices and energy-saving systems"

Director of RC "Devices and energy-saving systems" - PhD KOROBKO Ivan
Address: 03056, Ukraine, Kyiv, Borschahivska street, 122, building number 21 , room number 907
Tel. / Fax: +38 044 204 85 69
e-mail: prise[at]

Department of Scientific, Analytical and Ecological Instruments and Systems (NAEPS), PBF

«Scientific, analytic and ecological instruments and systems»
(budget study, full-time and extramural studies) bachelor (4 years), master(2 years), postgraduate student (3 years) «Scientific, analytic and ecological instruments and systems» chair instrument-making department STU of Ukraine «Kyiv polytechnic institute».

Department of Optical and Optoelectronic Instruments (OOEP), PBF

Address for mailing: Ukraine Kyiv 03056 prospekt Peremohy 37
For visiting: Borschagovskaya street 122, bld. 21, apt.704
e-mail: info[at]
Phones: +38 044 204 9477

Department of Orientation and Navigation Instruments and Systems (PSON), PBF

Address: KPI-1730, 37, Peremogy prospekt, Kyiv, 03056, Ukraine,
Phone: +38(044)204-8502

Faculty of devices and systems of attitude and navigation (PSON)


Department of Instrument Making (PB), PBF

The instrument Making department is the founder of the PBF and a number of its departments. The department prepares specialists from two SPECIALTIES:

Department of Instrumentation Design and Engineering (VP), PBF

Department Address: Kiev-56, Victory Avenue, 37, Bldg. 1, Office 1-287-1
Tel.: (+380 44) 204-94-75
Fax: (+380 44) 204-91-86



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