КThe Department of Computer-Integrated Optical and Navigation Systems (KIONS), Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Address: #AB 1, Beresteiska avenue 37, к.290a, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

Phones: 204-85-02 (AB 1, room 290,а), 204-91-45 (AB 1, teaching room 290,b), 204-94-77 (AB 21, teaching room 704)
Acting Head of the Department: Burau Nadiya Ivanivna, nburau[at]ukr.net, n.i.burau[at]gmail.com

The Department of Computer-Integrated Optical and Navigation Systems is the only department in Ukraine that trains Bachelors, Masters, PhD in the specialty 151 Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies for:

  • creation of modern automatic digital systems of orientation, stabilization, navigation and motion control in space of complex dynamic objects (in different physical environments);
  • design of digital optoelectronic systems for robots, smart homes, virtual reality devices, security systems, unmanned objects;
  • development of algorithms and software for intelligent control systems, visualization, orientation and navigation of objects, monitoring of objects and the environment;
  • development of algorithms and software for digital signal and image processing, recognition of processes and objects by artificial intelligence in optical and navigation systems.

Training is provided by well-known scientists in Ukraine and abroad, including:

  • 6  Professors, Doctors of Science;
  • 11 Associate Professors, Candidates of Science (PhD);
  • 3  Senior Teachers, Candidates of Science (PhD).

Places of employment of graduates are:

  • State enterprises of Ukraine: SE SDP "Arsenal"; SE "ANTONOV"; SKDB "Luch"; SE SRI of Radar Systems "KVANT-RADIOLOKATSIIA";
  • software development and implementation firms: Google; Global Logic; Qualcomm;
  • companies working in the field of modern electronic technology: Melexis; Materialize; Ring; Scanner; Microsoft;
  • firms - representatives of developers of aircraft and orientation and navigation systems: "Progresstech-Ukraine"; "Girotech".

The department has implemented a certificate program "Computer-integrated technologies and navigation and control systems" for the second (master's) level of higher education to deepen competencies related to complex specialized tasks and problems of automation, navigation and control systems for multi-purpose autonomous objects. The program is filled with unique content and author's courses, which are characterized by practicality and relevance of information, which allows you to gain additional knowledge and skills, train highly qualified professionals who meet the needs of the labor market and modern trends in automation and computer-integrated technologies.

There is a French-Ukrainian master's program in optical engineering and photonics at the Université du Maine and KPI. The master's program is open to graduates of Ukrainian universities who have a bachelor's degree in physics and optical engineering. Enrollment of citizens of Ukraine in the master's program is carried out according to the rules of admission to the magistracy of KPI named after Igor Sikorsky, including the procedure for assessing the ratings of entrants on the weighted average score of bachelor's degree, examination in specialty and foreign language and indicators of creative achievement. Upon successful completion of the master's program, each student receives a Ukrainian master's degree and a French master's degree in physics in the specialty "Optical Engineering and Photonics".

Students are involved in research and development of the department in the following areas:

  1. Automation of methods of testing and calibration of devices and systems.
  2. Development of new methods for automatic determination of navigation parameters, computer-integrated technologies to improve the accuracy of orientation and navigation.
  3. Development and improvement of microprocessor systems for the control of moving objects, development and improvement of microprocessor systems for robot manipulators.
  4. Development and improvement of optoelectronic systems for medical and technical diagnostics.
  5. Development and improvement of wireless data transmission modules in computer-integrated control systems, navigation, monitoring of complex spatial objects.
  6. Simulation modeling of behavior of complex moving objects in different environments, development of computer-integrated control systems, navigation, monitoring of complex spatial objects, unmanned moving objects.
  7. Improvement of information processing systems in the tasks of control, navigation, monitoring, remote sensing; development of methods, algorithms and software.
  8. Intellectualization of measuring instruments and automatic control, navigation, monitoring systems.
  9. Development of neural networks for controlling the movement of complex spatial objects, for recognizing objects and their functional condition.
  10. Development of computer-integrated systems for remote monitoring of the environment.

There is a joint training laboratory within the framework of the cooperation agreement between KPI and Global Logic. Global Logic is an international software developer with about 5,000 employees in eight countries. The company is headquartered in the United States, and in Ukraine Global Logic is one of the five largest domestic software developers. Leading specialists of the partner company take part in the training sessions. This is a practical implementation of the model of dual education on the basis of higher education institutions with the participation of leading manufacturing firms. Students and graduate students of the department participate in real projects of the company, for example, on automation of car management.

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