The future is associated with KPI

Olga Mykolaivna Markina has been already working at the Department of Analytical and Environmental devices and systems for ten years. Last year she won the competition "young teacher-researcher 2015". She is the pupil of the Kiev Polytechnic.

Try to work during education

Nowadays the problem of job placement by specialty is extremely important; consequently, students begin to think about their future occupations beforehand. That work was both interesting and allowing to engage in scientific research.

Olexandr Anastasiiovych Dashkovskyi is 80 years old!

Olexandr Anastasiiovych Dashkovskyi is a director of Ukraine-wide Scientific and Research Institute of Analytic Instrumentation Engineering, board chairman of JS company “Ukranalyt”, the founder of science and analytic instrumentation engineering PBF chair has his jubilee.

KPI at the "Education and career" exhibition

Annual international specialized exhibition "Education and career – 2015" was held at the National centre of business and cultural cooperation "Ukrainian house" on April 16-18, 2015.

The Laboratory of nanomechanics is opened

November 13 at the department of scientific, analytical and ecological devices and systems with the support of Ukrainian Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) and the participation of OOO "Lily" was created educational-scientific laboratory of nanomechatronics.