The Presidential Scholar from the PBF is creating an agromonitoring system

People are more and more thinking about a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle. From the predatory "man - the master of nature" we move to understanding the interaction with it, the ability to identify its needs and respond adequately to them. As always, the scientists of our university are on the cutting edge of scientific research.

Associate Professor of the PBF Department of Information and Measurement Technology Mykola Mykhailovych Pavlyshyn thinks: "Climate change, an increase in the population of people on the planet, a sharp decline in natural resources - all this requires optimal management decisions in all areas of human activity, and in the agricultural sector - especially. Such decisions are possible only if reliable initial information is available.” The research carried out at the department is aimed at obtaining such information.

Here they created an integrated information and measurement system of agromonitoring, which, under the guidance of candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, M.M. Pavlyshyn, was developed by Violeta Kalyuzhna, a second-year master's student. Using this system allows you to quickly obtain data on the current state of soils: temperature, humidity, pH and electrical conductivity at the required depths. The time required to obtain such an integrated characteristic is a maximum of 5 minutes, which is a significant advantage over traditional methods of soil analysis. It increases measurement efficiency and allows agronomists or technologists to measure parameters directly in the field.

As result, the scientists of our university got a system that can be used at home for houseplants, gardens, in the fields and in other areas for experimental research and observation. It can also be used by agricultural enterprises and regional environmental departments. At this stage, the system is tested and ready for use. In the future it is planned to develop methods and means for measuring the concentration of organic carbon and ammonium forms of nitrogen in the surface layer of the soil.

[The full version of material is in Ukrainian language]