Department of intellectual property and private law (IVPP), FSP

Department of intellectual property and private law (IVPP), Faculty of Sociology and Law, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Address: AB # 19, Borshchagivska street 122, room 328, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

Phone: 204-84-36,
E-mail: kpp_fsp_kpi(at)
Acting Department head: Dariya Marits, Ph.D., Associate Professor

The Department of Intellectual Property and Private Law trains specialists in the specialty 081 Law and educational program: information law and intellectual property law.

The peculiarity of training students is to gain knowledge in the theory of state and law, history of state and law, civil, commercial, family law, intellectual property law, civil procedural law, office work and other disciplines of cycles of humanitarian, socio-economic, professional and practical training, such as human rights, European Union law, etc.

During their studies, students study modern approaches to legal understanding, the concept of law schools, international human rights standards, features of contract law, ways to protect intellectual property rights. Students acquire the ability to independently exercise the rights provided by law, to design, develop legal positions to protect and represent the rights and interests of clients in the relevant public authorities.

Graduates may work in law enforcement and customs agencies, courts, tax administration, local government and executive authorities, institutions of justice, the legal service of the company.