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Department of Information and Measuring Technique (IVT), PBF

Address: Kyiv, Borschagivska street, 126, AB #18, room 324
Mail Address: Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056, pr. Peremohy 37, Department IMT, KPI-4120
Phone: +38 044 204-99-38
Social networks: FB

In memoriam of mentor. To 100 Anniversary of the Petro Pavlovych Ornatskyi birthday

Petro Pavlovych Ornatskyi

P.P.Ornatsky (1917-1996) - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department of Measuring Devices (1956-1984) - is remembered with the good word by colleagues and students, paying tribute to his high professionalism, authority of the scientist, wisdom smart person

Nina Antonivna Yaremchuk is 80!


On August 28, Nina Antonivna Yaremchuk, acting as the head of the Department of Information and Measuring Technique, candidate of technical sciences, professor, honored teacher of NTUU "KPI", turned 80 years old.


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