Department of Information and Communication Technologies and Systems (ICTS), ITS

Department of Information and Communication Technologies and Systems, Educational and Research Institute of Telecommunication Systems, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
Address: Корпус 30, Industrialnyi lane (provulok), 2, room 312-1, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

Phones: 204-82-99, 204-81-96,
E-mail: kryvoshapka[at]
Acting Department head – Pravylo Valeriy Volodymyrovych, PhD, associate professor

The department of Information-communication technologies and systems trains specialists in the specialty 172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering and by the educational programs: Information and сommunication technologies (ICT) and Electronic communication systems and networks (ECSN).

Students of department of Information-communication technologies and systems (ICTS) are getting knowledge in the sphere of information technologies for the modern infocommunication systems development and further support of their functioning, and also they study the principles of construction and design of Next Generation Networks (NGN), that ensure the interaction of existing and new telecommunications networks supported by a single infrastructure for the transferring of any type of information (voice, data, video), and providing a complete set of services with flexible capabilities for their management, personalization and creation of new services through the unification of network solutions.

During education process students study modern programming languages and technologies, environments for software products development, process of services and software web-agents designinig, business process management, and also means of software components analysis, optimization and integration.

Students get abilities to design, develop, implement and support of the various types of information systems, particular in the sphere of communication services provisioning, Internet-based systems and cloud data centers, decision-making systems that operate in global Internet infrastructure.
The department cooperates with the known foreign universities, namely: Technical University of Dresden (Germany), Anhalt University of Applied Science (Germany) and Universities of France and Spain. Thanks to such cooperation students have an opportunity to participate in joint research projects, short-term scientific trips to these universities, and also in the Double Master Degree Program, by taking part in which student can get two diplomas during two years while studing simultaneously in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and Technical University of Dresden.
Graduates of the department work in companies of leading information and communication services providers, such as Microsoft, Epam Systems, Luxoft, InCom, Samsung, Lifecell, Vodafone, Kyivstar,
Huawei and others.