Dual Diploma for Students of the IPT

Students of the Department of Mathematical Modelling and Data Analysis of the Educational and Research Institute of Physics and Technology have a unique opportunity to receive a diploma of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Germany) in the field of Data Science at the same time as a diploma o

Develop and Win: From Research to Startup Projects

At the end of October, the student team “TermoSyla” of the Department of Physical Materials Science and Heat Treatment (PMSHT) won an international tournament - a startup battle of environmental developments.

Visit of the Bundestag Deputies

At the request of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany on April 24 Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was visited by the deputies of the Bundestag (the German parliament) from the Free Democratic Party Renata Alt and Frank Muller-Rosentrit.

On a joint Ukrainian-German faculty

Cooperation between Ukraine and the Federal Republic of Germany is constantly deepening, in particular, the number of cooperative projects in the educational and scientific fields is increasing.