In March 1926, was the first All-Union Congress of delegates of the organization of military and scientific society of the USSR in which took part rector of Kiev Polytechnic Institute Bobrov. At this congress was tasked militarization of schools. In this connection, the leadership of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (KPI) makes decisions on the organization of military and science circle as the primary organization in the institute. In this club registered those who, in one way or another, wanted to contribute to strengthening of the defense capability of the state; these are students, professorial staff and technical servants. In order to prepare for active of militarization in the Kiev Polytechnic Institute was created an organizing committee chaired by Rector Bobrov. The committee included: one teacher from each faculty, one student, three people from military organizations and two persons from military and chemical section of chemical circle. The first meeting of the organizing committee was held 07.04.1926r., where was created a plan of conducting of militarization of the Institute which envisaged an accurate elucidation the target set of militarization and its propaganda among professors and students, development of curriculum according to the target task and development of training programs.

Target preparation of militarization was to provide for military department in peacetime training for commanders and specialists of reserve, and on the other hand - because of passing the intended course of higher pre-conscription military training (HPMT) simplify and facilitate acquisition of military knowledge and obtaining the title of Commander of the reserve of Workers and Peasants' Red Army (WPRA).

By the order of WPRA personnel of №780 of 04.11.26 senior military leader of Kyiv universities and military leader of KPI was appointed brigade commander Vladimir Oldorogge, deputy head of Red commanders school of Kamenev.

On the post of head of the military cabinet at KPI 09.17.26 was appointed Mikhail Kostko.

Military Cabinet was created to solve problems by concentrating all evident agitation, charts, diagrams, material part of weapons and other valuable textbooks to study military affairs.

02.10.26. military head of KPI V. Oldorogge reports KPI governance on status of preparations for militarization and offers start military training for students 15.10.1926. This day is considered as the beginning of military training in the KPI.

According to V. Oldorogge’s report, in the first academic year of militarization was planned to give students a combined military training and classes on specialty start at 2-3 courses, since HPMT was introduced at 1-3 courses.

The number of educational groups in the 1926/27 academic year accounted-21 group. On average a group included 75 people, therefore, the total number of students were passing HPMT was about -1575 people.

Education of military discipline were conducted by lecture method, solving demonstrational tactical tasks and laboratory works. After the theoretical course of study, students passed 2 months of meetings in military units.

16.09.30. in Kiev Polytechnical Institute was founded a military department, which head was appointed V. Oldorogge.

From March 1931. to 09.01.31 I. Popov was temporarily appointed the Head of the Department. Since 01.09.31r. - Volynsky I. is appointed as Head of department.

Since the beginning of the organization and by 1941 military department prepared platoon commanders of reserve of wire and radio communication, ground artillery, anti-gas protection and deminers.

By the beginning of Patriotic War Department has prepared more than 5,000 platoon leaders.

In 1941. Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was evacuated to Tashkent, where the department carried out preparation of listeners for military academies. Among the students-girls were prepared radio operators for guerrilla groups.

After returning in 1944 in Kiev until 1948. military department prepared for the Red Army combatant officers of automobile troops from amongst men fit for military service. Among men fit for the non-combatant military service and women military department prepared officers of technical staff of automobile troops.

From 1948 to 1953 was carried out training of reserve officers for automobile troops and Army Signal Corps, from 1953 to 1960 reserve officers for air defense (ADF) of country, and since 1960 - the reserve officers for ADF of Land Force. Since 1969 at the department began training of military engineers for Navy reserve. By 1993, the department consisted of 7 cycles.

From 1948 to 1953 Military Department prepared reserve officers for automotive Forces and communication forces.

Since automotive training were studied GAZ-AA, GAZ-51, ZIL-5.

Of the communication facilities studied radio station "RB", "RBM", "A-7".

Telephone set TAI 43, telephone switches and telegraph apparatus.


Military Department prepared reserve officers for air defense forces of the country.

Studied subjects were: shooting from 3A, materiel of RPZ, repair of RPZ 3A, 3A fire control devices, radiation devices, communication organization, tactical and combatant training, military topography.

Classes were held in two shifts. The department had 4 cycles:

• Material part of 3A.
• Preparation of radar material part.
• The cycle of radar material part.
• Cycle of general military tactics.

At the department were 38 officer teachers. Department head was Colonel Tretiak Y.


Military department was headed by a veteran Great Patriotic War - the head of department, Colonel Alexander Nikolaev.

To prepare commanders and military engineers were created 7 cycles:

• general military training
• Special Tactics
• armament material part and combat actions of starting battery
• combat and control equipment of SAM ground equipment and materiel of SAM
• SAM Aiming Radio Systems
• materiel of 3A maintenance and repair


Among the students of the Faculty of electroacoustic military department prepared military engineer officers for the Navy.

In this connection was created the profile №6 materiel combat use of hydroacoustic stations of the Navy.

Since 1988, the department was headed by a military colonel Teteryatnyk Victor Danilovich.

Courses at the Department solved complex task: training, upbringing and inculcation of practical skills for students - future reserve officers.

In unity with the task of training were solved the tasks of upbringing of students, instilling in them the moral qualities needed for armed defenders of the Fatherland.

The basis of the learning process was a deep study of material part and mastery of military equipment anti-aircraft missile system and anti-aircraft artillery systems.

Actively developed international relations of KPI military department and the military department of Wroclaw Polytechnic Institute.

An important element of the educational process were training meetings in the troops. They were organized by 144-hour program and held in military units of Kyiv, Belarusian, Leningrad, North-Caucasian and other military districts.

Directly acquaintance of students with the conditions of service and life of army collectives

provided harmonious personality formation of student as reserve officer, perfection of team and methodical skills obtained in the study of course of military training at the institute.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 19 August 1992 р. № 490 "On the reform of military education", Order of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine from 25.06.1992 . № 133 "On reforming the system of military education in Ukraine" Directive and Head of the Main Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on June 31, 1993 DHSH-122 in order to ensure qualitative preparation of students of Kiev Polytechnic Institute by the program for reserve officers the Department of Military Training since September 1, 1993 transformed into the Military Training Faculty at KPI.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine on February 23, 1999 . № 52/48 Military Training Faculty was transformed into the Military Institute of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and became its structural division.

In order to further improve the the preparation of officers for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine and other military formations under a single system of military education and science in the implementation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 23 March 2001 . № 269 "On the establishment of the Military Institute of Telecommunications and the National Technical University of Ukraine" Kyiv Polytechnic Institute "and the Science Center of Communication and Informatization of the Armed Forces at the Kiev Military double Order of Red Banner of Institute of Management and Communication which had been eliminated, created Military Institute of Telecommunications and Informatization of National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (MITI "KPI").