For the preservation of the environment and health

axym Fesenko, the associate professor of the department of foundry production of ferrous and nonferrous metals, dedicated his eco-methods to the processing of polystyrene for the production of adhesives and binder materials. His project is the finalist of the Sikorsky Challenge Innovative Projects Contest.

85year anniversary of S. Doroshenko birth

On 7th of May 2016 it was 85 years from birthday of professor, doctor of technical science, head of foundry department in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute from 1974 till 1991, professor emeritus of NTUU “KPI” in 1998, member of Academy of engineering science of Ukraine in 1998 – Stepan Doroshenko.

Continuing of founders traditions

In the era of IT technologies and innovative projects we sometimes forget about fundamental branches of engineering, foundry in particular. But thanks to the casting technology we get workpieces with complex configuration and geometry and high (98%) utilization rate of metal.

The artistic casting of the Kyiv Polytechnic

Firstly, the metal come to people’s life as a need: tools, machines and mechanisms, decorations. The first products from alloys were appeared on the verge of coal and copper ages - V-VI BC.

For 90th anniversary of the Department of Foundry Production

Preparing of foundry engineer in “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” has begun from the very beginning of Institute foundation. The Department of Metallurgy was organized by Professor V.P. Izhevsky in 1902 year on Chemistry Section, and the General Metals Technology Department was organized by Professor M.A. Voropaev in 1910 year on Mechanics Section. Several foundry engineers graduated from Mechanics and Chemistry faculties in accordance with Diploma design process up to 1925 year.

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