Dean: T.D., professor Vanin Volodymyr Volodumyrovych
Address: 03056, Room 420, Building 7, 37, Avenue Beresteiskyi, Kyiv-56, Ukraine, 03056
Inquiry phone: 204-82-51, 204-82-43, 204-96-27
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Day of the Faculty: the end of April

Departments of Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

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Logotype for the PMF From the earliest years of the existence of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute educational and research work in the field of the physico-mathematical sciences was associated with such noted scientist asG.G. Demetc, V.J. Bukreev, L.І. Kardash, V.P. Ermakov. At a later time, scientific schools of the physico-mathematical course were created and headed by: V.І. Loshkarov, О.G. Goldman, N.М. Gerzriken, М.P. Kravchuk, О.S. Smogorzhevsky, V.А. Zmorovych, J.А. Daletskiy and others. A strong scientific base, personnel potential made the creation of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics in 1996 possible. It was headed by the noted scientist, member of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, director of the Institute of Magnetism, the National Prize laureate, professor V.G. Baryakhtar.

The Faculty trains specialists in the fundamental and applied problems in various fields of modern physics - from aero-and hydrodynamics to the nuclear physics and physics of the elementary particles, using methods of mathematical and computer modeling, training specialists for analyzing and forecasting of economic activity of the subject of the market economy, construction and calculation of mathematical models of commercial and financial structures.

Students have the opportunity to acquire computer modeling of physical processes and numeric modeling; the methods of scientific experiment; the methods of computational physics, synergy and catastrophe theory; the theory of self-organization of complex systems and determinate chaos; the theory of nonlinear phenomena; opportunity to examine the models of the dynamics of the financial assets and activities for the discrete and continuous time; the probabilistic and statistical ideas and methods of stochastic calculus during the analysis of the market risk; the problems of developing mathematical and algorithmic providing for the informational insurance systems.

Graduate students get fundamental training in the main courses of the modern physics and mathematics; profound computer training and experience of the usage of modern toolset in the information technologies that enables them to be engage in the theoretical and experimental researches at a high level; to give courses in physics, mathematics and information science; to create and analyze mathematical and computer models of the processes, phenomena and objects.

Graduate students work as scholars, lecturers at the educational institution of all levels of accreditation, directors of he development of the mathematical models in scientific, industrial, commercial and banking institutions in Ukraine and abroad.