Department of Bioinformatics (KB), FBT

The chair of Bioinformatics as a part of the Department of Bioinformatics and Bioengineering was founded according to the Order of M.Z.Zhyrovsky, the rector of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute № 1-12 from February the 8th 2006 according to the decree of Academic Council of the university from January the 16th 2006 (report №1).

At the Chair there are 2 research laboratories:
- Laboratory of Physical and Informational Technologies in Biology and Medicicne;
- Laboratory of Magnetic nanotechnologies in Medicine and Biology.

The chair is provided with a modern equipment such as probe scanning microscope Nanoeducator, centrifugation set, horizontal electrophoresis camera, magnetic susceptibility determination set for magnetically operated sorbents and magnetic pharmaseuticals, plants for the obtaining of the high gradient ferromagnetic matrixes using the method of electrodeposition in magnetic field and using method of magnetically operated corrosion, photocolorimeters КФК-2, thermostate, рН-meter, sterilizer, potentiostate, biological microscopes. All the equipment are used for the conducting of the educational process and for rhe research and development works of PhD students and students, also for R&D of the Chair.