Dzhigirey Irina - the teacher and the scientist

My interlocutor - Irina Dzhigirey, Ph.D., assistant professor The Department of Cybernetics of Chemical-Engineering Processes ).

In 2003 she graduated from our university. In 2006 she finished her Postgraduate studies at the NTUU "KPI". At the Department of Cybernetics she works as an assistant from 2006. In 2007 she defended her thesis "Synthesis and Optimization of sewage treatment, industrial enterprises" for the degree of candidate of technical sciences (in the direction of "Technology of Water Treatment").

Irina told readers of "Kyiv Polytechnic" about her research and teaching activities and the people who help her in this.

On the trail of natural science Irina was sent in the first place by her father - a civil engineer. Although since childhood she has considerable natural curiosity and a penchant for experimentation. At that time she clearly decided to study only in the KPI.

During the her initial study in the Institute the future scientific director Irina Ph.D., Associate Professor Alexander Kvyitka interested her in issues of resource and wastewater treatment, which are important for the normal development of any society. To improve the efficiency and environmental safety of industrial enterprises it is necessary to establish wastewater treatment systems, provide solutions of important environmental engineering problem - the formation of an optimal network aqueous process streams. To this subject Irina dedicated baccalaureate work, and then the master's thesis.

The thesis proposed a new procedure for the synthesis and optimization of sewage treatment of industrial enterprises and introduced an algorithm to maintain the design decisions in the development and modernization of technological schemes for industrial water treatment.

Scientific work in this direction continues, now with Ya.Ezhovsky, professor of chemical engineering Rzeszow Technological University of I. Lukashevich (Poland), a recognized expert in designing chemical processes. By the way, the very thesis was directly linked with the EU COMODEC under the cooperation agreement between NTUU "KPI" and Rzeszow POLYTECHNIC.

Recently, a young scientist I.Dzhigirey actively joined the work on scientific direction "Sustainable Development", thanks to Professor Gennady Statyus - Head of Department of Cybernetics, Director of the Central East European Institute for Sustainable Development.

Today Irina continues her scientific career as a teacher of the Department of Cybernetics of the CTP, and is the curator of the group BA-81. She teaches "Information Technology" for the freshmen and the "Computational Mathematics and Programming" for second-year students FCT; "Principles for Sustainable Development" for the Masters FBB, FEPEA, FPM and FCT; "Modern computer technology" for the Masters of the Department of Cybernetics of the FCT.

Ever since his student years Irina is actively involved in a variety of scientific and practical conferences. She currently has more than 30 published abstracts at international and Ukrainian conferences and is the author of nine scientific papers in Ukrainian professional journals and three in international scientific journals (in particular co-authored publication in Journal of Cleaner Production).

The Department, which became for Irina familiar, pays much attention to integration of the principles, values and practices of sustainable development into all aspects of education, including their implementation in the thesis work of masters and specialists. "This trend of diploma works and educational programs may change the lifestyle and behavior of mankind, which, in turn, will help create a sustainable future on the basis of environmental integrity, economic viability and a just society for present and future generations," - says the young PhD I.M. Dzhigirey.

Irina grateful to the mentors who taught ,guided, helped and supported her, true professionals, in particular prof. G.O.Statyus, Assoc. O.O.Kvitka, Assoc. T.V.Boyko, prof. A.K.Zapolsky, prof. Ya.M.Ezhovsky et al.

Lesia Fesenko, student IPP