Center of Culture and Arts of NTUU "KPI"

Address of CCA: 37, Prosp. Peremohy, Kyiv-56, 03056
Inquiries by phone:204-92-03, 204-91-32

The Center of Culture and Arts is a part of the cultural and educational state system of Ukraine. It is widely available, comprehensive cultural and educational institution that offers students the possibilities of comprehensive development and self-determination at free time, it promotes meaningful leisure, recreation. In amateur groups involved more than three thousand students and university employees. Four teams have national title. Many graduates of KPI have completed theatrical and musical colleges and are working in the field of culture. These are: stage manager of the Theater of Drama and Comedy O. Lisovets, lead singer of Opera and Ballet N. Moiseieva, lead singer of the group "VV" O. Skrypka; one of the most famous choir conductors, who to this day heads the Choir of the University Graduates of different years, O. I. Zhigun and others.

NTUU "KPI" amateur groups

  1. Folk Dance Ensemble "Polytechnic"
  2. Folk Ensemble of the sports ball dance "Style"
  3. Folk Little Drama Theatre
  4. Folk Pop Comedy Amateur Theater
  5. Modern Choreography Ensemble (hip-hop) «Hd - team»
  6. Modern Jazz Choreography Ensemble "Ekspresiia"
  7. Modern Pop Dance Ensemble "Show Girls"
  8. National academic choir
  9. National Amateur Bandura Players’ Choir
  10. Painting and Graphics Studio "Harmoniia”
  11. The League of the Club of the Funny and Inventive of NTUU "KPI”
  12. Vocal Ensemble "Some Pochuttia"
  13. Vocal Studio at Academic Folk Choir "Natkhnennia”