The Code of Honor is adopted in KPI

The Conference of the labor collective NTUU "KPI" was held on April 6.

For all those who study and work at the university, the issues that have traditionally been put on the agenda - approval of the Collective Agreement, the election of the Commission on labor disputes and Council on housing and domestic issues were among the most important. the Conference delegates also reviewed and adopted the Code of honor of the University.

This was the final stage of preparation of the document, which now normalizes the rules of academic life and work of students and workers NTUU "KPI", defines the concept of academic honesty and general rules of conduct for members of the university community. Work on the Code of Honour NTUU "KPI" began a few weeks ago. Representatives of all categories of polytechnics - students, teachers and scientists took active part in it. The draft of the Code was posted on the university website and social networks, and before the presentation on the Conference it was approved by the members of the Administrative and Scientific Council.

The code presents the regulations and the principles the large family of KPI should be guided in the training and other forms of their activities. There are serious penalties for violations of its provisions - including expulsion or dismissal from the university. A special commission, composed of people who are well respected among the colleagues and represent all sectors of the university community - students, faculty staff, administration will consider such violations and make recommendations for the adoption of appropriate measures against violators .

Yet, the primary responsibility for the violation of the Code is a moral one. Because it is a document that defines, in the first place, the value of people whose lives have been for a certain period (if it's just training) or permanently (if this is the only job for life) linked their fate to the KPI, that is part of its microcosm. After all, as recorded in it, "Every member of the university community, adhering to the norms of the Code, contributes to the development of the entire university, strengthening its image and reputation."