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Department of Machine Tools and Mahinery Systems (KVM), MMI

The Department of Designing of machines and machines carries out preparation of students on two specialties and three educational and qualification levels.

The First 4 years the students study according to the bachelor in the direction of "engineering".

Department of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals Foundry (LVCHKM), IFF

Address: 03056, Kyiv - 56 st. Polytechnique 35, block 9
Telephones: 0 (44) 204-82-19

Department of Electric Welding Installations (EZU), ZF

The Chair of Welding Industrial Systems was founded in 1978 by Professor Valeriy Chernysh. Chair's graduates are trained as specialists in designing of welding equipment of new generation, robotic complexes for welding, control and monitoring systems for welding complexes based on artificial intelligence methods.

Department of Physical Education (FV), FBMI

Department of Physical Education is a general university departments and conducts practical classes and lectures in physical education with students of all faculties Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute first and second courses with a total of over 6.5 thousand. People.

Department of High Temperature Materials and Powder Metallurgy (VMPM), IFF

The Department of High-Temperature Materials and Powder Metallurgy prepares specialists in the field of development of new materials and resource-saving technologies for all branches of science and technology from medicine and microelectronics to aerospace technology

Department of Industrial Biotechnology (PBT), FBT

Speciality of «Biotechnology and bioengineering», specialization the «Industrial biotechnology».

The educational processes is conducted on the budget and contract base on three qualification levels – the bachelor, the specialist and the master. Preparation of candidates and doctors of science is carried out as well.

Department of Surface Engineering (IP), ZF

Department of Surface Engineerin (IP), ZF



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