Head of the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor, holder of Ukrainian State Award, Valerii Buldyhin was an outstanding scientist in Ukraine as well as abroad. Among his works there are more than 200 academic papers, 7 monographs (3 published by foreign publishing offices) and 3 educational guidances.

Valerii Buldyhin was born on 5, November in 1946 in Tbilisi, Georgia, but soon due to the father’s military position the whole family moved to Kyiv, Ukraine. In 1965 Buldyhin graduated from Kyiv Radioeletrotechnic College with distinction. Then he worked as an engineer and research technician, while studying part-time Mechanics and Mathematics at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. In 1966 Buldyhin is transferred to full-time studing, in 1960 he graduated with distinction.

As a student he was firstly awarded with the medal “For student scientific work” by Soviet Ministry of Higher Education in 1971. Upon post-graduate programme at the Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (Shevchenko University), he presented post-graduate thesis in 1973.  In 1974-1986 Buldyhin worked as a prominent research scientist at Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, in 1982 he presented the doctoral thesis. Valerii Buldyhin combines scientific and teaching work successfylly, he also takes part in establishing of “Young Matematician University” at NASU, for what he was awarded with the badge of honour “Standout at Popular Education” in 1983.

Since 1986 Valerii Buldyhin worked at our university as a Head of the #1 Department of Further Mathematics that was renamed into the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory (1996). Under his authority the department became a united creative team that takes part in diverse life of the university and the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (longstanding work of mathematics committee, management of state/university mathematics competitions among students, with Valerii Buldyhin as a foreman of jury etc.).

The department not only provides the faculties (FICS, ESC“IASA”, ERITS, FE, FASS, REF, FMM) with mathematical disciplines, but also prepares bachelors and masters of mathematics at PMF. This department is a foremost establishments for writing post-graduate/doctoral theses on probability theory and mathematical statistics.

Valerii Buldyhin cooperated extensively with the learned youth. He mentored 13 post-graduates, 3 doctors of Physics and Mathematics. Buldyhin also guided through various dissertations concerning engineering sciences and encouraged students to conduct scientific research by themselves. As a head of the department he took part in developing educational programmes and extra courses on mathematics at NTUU“KPI”. He developed and lectured courses on futher mathematics, mathematical analysis, functional analysis, signed measure, Lebesgue integration, operator theory, probability theory and stochastic calculus.

Buldyhin’s scientific research was acknowledged internationally. Having won grants he worked at German and Spanish universities, lectured at international Banach Centre (Warsaw), delivered speeches at conferences and seminars in Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Sweden, Poland and France. Furthermore, he was a head of the mathematicians who were financed bz the state and together with German scientists conducted research.

V. Buldyhin belonged to editorial staff of 4 scientific journals, the thesis committee of NASU Insitute of Mathematics, the mathematics expert board at Personnel Review Commission, the organising committee of different mathematical forums. And he was also the supervisor of a famous seminar on stochastic calculus.

For his fruitful work Buldyhin won the Ukrainian State Award (2003), KPI Award (1933), the grant of Soros Fund (1996), the honourary title “Outstand of Ukrainian Education” (2003), the honours of Kyiv City State Administration (1998, 2002).

Since Professor Buldyhin had creative and joined-up thinking, acuity of mind, erudition, energy, phenomenal work ethic, tolerance and decency, he established his authority and respect among the staff and students.

Unfortunately on 17, April 2012 Valerii Buldyhin passed away. After his untimely demise it became became clear how much he meant for his relatives, friends, all mathematicians of Ukraine and the world.

Staff of the Department pf Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory