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Aircraft engine production school named after Olexander Ivchenko

Photo. Olexander Ivchenko

Olexander Heorhiovych Ivchenko is a famous aircraft engine engineer that established his own school of aircraft engine production and united professional of the highest rank.

Gratsianskiy Olexiy: Aviation As A Way of Life

Photo. Gratsianskiy Olexiy

At the Berlin International Air Expo 1928, the visitors' general curiosity was attracted by the world's first ever medical aircraft, the K-3, designed by Konstantin Kalinin and presented by the Kharkiv Aircraft Factory.

Sikorsky Igor. The man who made the dream of Leonardo da Vinci come true

Фото. Сікорський Ігор Іванович

The boy liked to listen to his mother’s stories about the infinite universe, mysterious stars, about the secrets of the seas and oceans, the wonderful and exciting world that stretched far beyond the walls of the Kyiv apartment.

Aircraft designer Tomashevych: from aeroplanes to rockets

Томашевич Дмитро

Summer of 1923, an event, that caused the great interest of city residents, especially the young, occurred in Kyiv. It was demonstrative aviation exhibition, which was organized by the provincial department of the Society of Aviation and Aeronautics Ukraine and Crimea.

Picture from a family album

Foto. Гагарін Ю. Фотографія з сімейного альбому

If in the USSR determined, as today, the most popular, the most attractive and, in general, the most- most... people, during many years out of competition would be there among them, certainly, the first cosmonaut of planet Yurij Gagarin.

Cosmic Horizons of Kiev Polytechnic science

Image. Німецький мікросупутник Bird із системою терморегулювання НТУУ КПІ

Kyiv Polytechnic - the alma mater of outstanding designers of aviation and space technology, who changed our time, our world for the better. In particular, S.P. Korolev, I.I. Sikorski, V.M. Chelomei, L.V. Lyulev, A.M. Lulka, V.I. Kalinin and others were studied here.

Meeting with the delegation of Shenyang Aerospace University ( People’s Republic of China)

2013.01.28-02.03 Візит делегації Шеньянського аерокосмічного університету

From January 28 till February 3, 2013 NTUU “KPI” had received the delegation of the Shenyang Aerospace University of the People’s Republic of China.

The guests were acquainted with the University campus, expositions of the State Polytechnic museum of Ukraine at NTUU “KPI” and I.I. Sikorsky Department of Aviation and Cosmonautic.

Hacksaw as an argument of designer

Ножівка як аргумент конструктора

Famous engineers of the past combined deep fundamental training in physics, mathematics, chemistry, materials science, strength of materials, design with daily practice and a deep knowledge of production. As a result, they do not just knew and loved his "child", but also "feel" them.

Nudelman Alexander - outstanding designer of weapons and civil engineering

Foto. Нудельман Олександр Емануїлович

Alexander Nudelman was born August 21, 1912 in the city Odessa it talented family Nudelman, in which the example of his father's brother and four sisters Alexander proved to be creative people, craftsmen, each of the business. As a child, Alexander showed talent for music, virtuoso playing the piano, and then had a fascination drawing. But suddenly for his family he started to make inventions, designed, in particular, the hand-mill, which helped the family through the difficult 20s.

Kondratuk Yuri Vasilievich - a pioneer of astronautics

Foto. Kondratuk Yuri Vasilievich

The first manned flight into space was preceded by the hard work of pioneers of astronautics - dreamers and theorists who advocated the need for space flight and theoretically justify their opportunity.



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