Faculty of Management and Marketing Celebrates 25th Anniversary

This spring 25 years have gone from the moment the Faculty of Management and Marketing was created. But its history dates back far, far before its official date. Faculty of organization and economy of industry was founded in the KPI on 14th February 1937.

Stages of Establishment

Within the framework of department, future engineers had short courses of economic and institution disciplines. After graduation students led industrial units and large enterprises so they had to be good at economic issues. This period continued until 1950. This period can be called the first stage of existence of the KPI economic training. The second stage is a determining one. During that time the scientific and methodical activity started to develop significantly. It was made possible by efforts of young and vigorous teachers who held executive positions in manufacturing industry. During the third stage (1970-1992) the number of teachers in the department and their qualification level has increased; organizational and economic training of engineers has been improved; the level intersectional and international relations was heightened, organization of economic education of industry’s management cadres has upgraded in Kyiv and Kyiv region; monographs, textbooks, teaching aids have been published. The 4th stage of the economic training started in 1992 and is still continuing. The last stage represents creation of full-fledged Faculty of Management and Marketing.  The faculty is based on three profiling departments – Management, Industrial Marketing, Mathematical Modeling of Economic System and other departments for the KPI engineering faculties: Economy and Organization of Machine-Building, Economy and Organization of Radio-Electronic Industry, Economy and Organization of Industrial Technologies.

Heads of the Faculty

The first dean of the Faculty of Management and Marketing (1992-2002) was Cand.Chem.Sci., Prof., Viktor Nemtsov (born 1937). He is also Honored Scientist of Ukraine and the Head of the Faculty of Management. Assoc. Prof. Economic Sci. Vasil Herasymchuk was the Dean of the Faculty from 2002 till 2007.Also he was the Head of the Department of International Economy (1998-2009). Since 2007 Dr.Tech.Sci, Prof. Oleg Havrysh heads the faculty. He was the head of the International Economy Department (2009-2015) and since 2015 – Academic Supervisor of International Economy Department. The faculty continues its organizational development and has reached a new level of the scientific and professional advance.

Structure of the Faculty and its Tendencies

The faculty consists of six departments: Management, Industrial Marketing, Mathematical Modeling of Economic Systems, Economic and Business Affairs, International Economic, Theoretical and Applied Economics and Management Research Laboratory. Departments provide training to following specialization Industrial Marketing, Business Analytics, International Economics, Management and Business Administration, Management of International Project, Innovation Management, Economy of Enterprise, Personnel Management and Labour Economics. According to the trends in the development of society new perspectives specializations are being introduced. For example, a new specialization Logistics opened in Management Department. One more specialization Business Analytics has successfully passed a licensing process in Industrial Marketing Department that is the intersection of Economy and Marketing, Mathematic and Statistics.  In the information society this combination is the crucial for specialists who are able to study market trends, design short- and long-term forecasts, anticipate future trends and activities of individual enterprises and develop tools to manage them.


For 25 years FMM students won All-Ukrainian Business Championship among economic universities, achieved the victory in competitions of international companies (L'Oreal Ukraine, Nestle, etc.), in international and all-Ukrainian competitions of students' scientific works (Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Ukrainian Association of Marketing , All-Ukrainian Competition Tomorrow, UA, Intellect of the Youth is for the Service of the Capital, Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine, etc.), in many international all-Ukrainian Olympiads. Young scientists often win international grants. They are holders of the President of Ukraine Scholarship, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Scholarship, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine scholarship. FMM and Economics Faculty of T.Shevchenko Kyiv University run Ukrtelecom Scientific Centre and LLC Samsung Electronics Learning Centre. Merits of the faculty have been conferred numerous awards at the national and international level. FMM Departments got diplomas of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Classes at Ukrainian, Russian, International competitions of students research papers. FMM students were awarded with Honour Award, Participant’s Certificate, Commendations and Certificates.  Scientific, pedagogical and international activities are being developed due to the dean of FMM to O.Havrysh. On the basis of FMM specialized Academic Council for dependence of doctoral and candidate thesis in economics works here.  Another FMM important achievement is in the quality of lecturers. 80% of academics are Candidates of Science or PhD and many of them are KPI graduates. FMM published 57 textbooks, 201 training manuals, 113 lecture notes, 597 guidances and 23 distance courses. 10 academics became winners in Educator and Researcher nomination; 31 academics got Young Educator and researcher Award; 1 won Leader in student achievements nomination. All this demonstrate a high scientific and methodological level. FMM offers postgraduate and doctorate or academic study. It provides an opportunity to prepare PhD scientific personnel for the faculty needs. Another important FMM achievement is annual publication of digest Economic Gazette of NTUU KPI included in science databases researcher’s digest Contemporary Economic and Business Affairs Problems and scientific digest for young scientists Acute Economic and Management Concerns. On the one hand it is an excellent opportunity to accumulate a powerful intellectual resource in Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute. On the other hand, it opens this resource to the international scientific community. During 25 years 3 international, 18 state-funded, 12 contract and 44 research and development activities have been completed, 144 monographs and 3850 scientific articles have been published and more than 100 Ukrainian certificates were obtained.  As proof of scientific excellence of faculty members, the faculty (Industry Marketing Department and International Economics Department) was the first in the KPI who started to cooperate with the EU of the Seventh Framework Programme. Nowadays FMM and ITS are engaged in a project of the Horizon 2020 Programme. A number of international and national scientific and practical conferences, national competitions, national and international scientific seminars within European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management Organisation are held on a regular basis in FMM. Also faculty sets up FMM Student Science Association.

Development Directions

Strategic development direction of FMM is a significant account of contracts especially international.  It gives an opportunity to share experience and to reach collaborative scientific results. Industry Marketing Department will support the university team in the international engineering project Formula Student. As a result of FMM international activity a number of agreements with 26 universities around the world were signed, including universities in France, Russia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Germany, Slovakia, Poland and others. As the part of this collaboration, FMM workers took training course and improved their qualifications in the USA, Canada, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, France, etc. FMM professors gave lecture to students in in the United States, South Korea and other countries of the world. It keeps university traditions alive and helps to remain open to innovations that are essential for the development of country today and tomorrow.

Students and Graduates

FMM is aimed at preparation of competitive experts. KPI graduates are widely recognized for their knowledge in Ukraine and abroad. FMM has prepared qualified specialists from more than 100 countries throughout the world including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Vietnam, Ghana, Georgia, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Canada, Kenya, People's Republic of China, Congo, Libya, Moldova, Mongolia, Germany , Peru, Poland, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, France, Japan and others. FMM students are very active, creative; they are always ready to innovative research projects and have a great desire for development. They are active participants in many international projects, including Erasmus+, French-Ukrainian project Two Degrees. They repeatedly took prizes in different national and international contests. In the context of globalization, economic and European integration of Ukraine, FMM students expand their worldview and improve their practical skills by participating in such projects. It makes FMM graduates more open, creative and ready to start innovative projects. Nowadays they  are specialists in senior positions in the Ukrainian leading universities (the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University, Kyiv National Economic University, National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy) and leading world universities (universities of Sweden, France, United Arab Emirates, Russia, etc.). FMM graduates work in almost all national sectors. The USA, Canada, Chile, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, CIS countries commend the FMM students qualification level. Our students work in Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Kyiv City State Administration.

Study for a Bright Future

After graduation Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute today’s young people have to understand in which sector they will find innovative solutions that are likely to be effective and will generate great profit. They should realize how to use their intellectual resource. Studying economic disciplines students of technical universities examine new management approaches, methods and tools which enable them to predict and rule future through an in-depth examination of past and present market trends and to fulfill it in the future. For example, FMM scientists performed fundamental research in the realization of global study with the goal of developing Ukrainian economic Foresite for medium- and long-term time horizons under scientific supervision of KPI Rector, Academician of Ukrainian NAS, Prof. M.Zgurovsky.

National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute" is a kind of holistic and self-sufficient body. It works effectively and provides knowledge product for future engineers and economists. It relies on its own resources. After studying economic disciplines graduates in technical sciences have no need to study in additional external courses. It is a substantial savings of financial and time resources. It makes them ready to different economic and social challenges. A new section Development of Start-up is added to engineering students’ master degree thesis in order to develop innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, to obtain practical skills, opportunities and possibilities, to commercialize scientific and technology developments in a highly competitive global market economy.  This new chapter is for selecting ideas, developing conception of product, defining prospects for market implementation of the project and formulating appropriate marketing strategies. FMM professors also formulated a methodological recommendation programme to this section. They reacted promptly to requirements for the KPI technical and engineering faculties. New economic disciplines are being developed now. The preparation of its pedagogical methodology is under way within the framework of a new Welding Faculty specialization Quality, Standardization and Specialization for the preparation of masters.

To Further Victories

This brief list of FMM achievements keeps growing with new developments and achievements. None of that would have been possible without daily parental care of university, faculties’ fraternity and support. Our warmest felicitations therefore go to the university and faculty. We congratulate FMM on its twenty-fifth anniversary and wish all of us many students, creative and fruitful cooperation and a great future!

N.Yudina, K.Bazherina, O.Zozuliev