Experience of research universities in the US, Germany and other leading countries shows that the highest quality of training provided by the research type universities, which is inherent in the organic combination of scientific and educational process.

The key role is played by the teachers who actively conduct the research in priority areas of science and technology with the direct participation of undergraduate and graduate students.

Taking into account the significant opportunities of our university towards its development as a research one in order to support the leading faculty teachers who combine modern teaching level with the active scientific work, widely attracted to scientific research and students, the Academic Council of "KPI" decided to launch the title "teacher-researcher” on the 5th of June this year.

The position of "teacher-researcher" can be assigned to full-time university lecturers, who in addition to teaching basic conduct active research work, preparing candidates and doctors, administer research work of students, publish the results of their work in leading scientific journals in the world, monographs.

An applicant for the title must meet the following basic criteria determining the category "teacher-researcher":

1. Availability of finished research topics, including self-financing, state budget for foreign customers.
2. The presence of the research team, including the participation of students and staff.
3. Management of the graduates:
1 including a certain amount of the graduates for the last 5 years,
2. The number of the graduates who defended their dissertations.
4. Training of doctors and candidates of sciences
1. In general;
2. for the last 5 years.
5. Availability of published books, issued in accordance with VAK requirements in Ukraine or in leading foreign publishing houses over the past 5 years. The availability of innovative textbooks, ie textbooks, summarizing the current level of global research on certain subjects, including the part of the author of the book.
6. Availability of scientific articles in professional journals VAK in the last 5 years.
7. Availability of scientific papers published in leading international journals.
8. Availability of established and protected intellectual property in the last 5 years, including patents, certificates objects of copyright.
9. Availability of licenses sold.
10. Presentations at international conferences with the publication of material in the last 5 years.
11. Availability of publications in the World search engine Google (http://scholar.google.com/), which allows you to assess the extent of availability of specific global public scientific papers and scientific citation index. Along with these criteria our scientists membership in the Committee on State Prizes of Ukraine in science and technology, specialized councils on thesis defense, expert council of VAK Ukraine, receiving international research grants and more should be taken into account.

Consideration of candidates for the "teacher-researcher" position is held at the meeting of the expert and legal committee together with the scientific and organizational committee of the Academic Council of the University. After discussing the decision on the recommendation of candidates at Academic Council is taken for the approval procedure.

University Academic Council approves of awarding the candidates with the "teacher-researcher" position.

Teachers-researchers are paid the premium 20% to their salary for 2 years.

After the end of this period the teacher can request this position again if he meets all at the main criterion for determining him as a "teacher-researcher."

Definition of the first nominees of the "teacher-researcher" position is going to be held during October-December this year. We invite all teachers whose activity meets the above criteria to participate in this contest. Proposals can be submitted to the Organization Department of the Department of Science and Innovation (building №1, room. 138) until 15 October.

Oct 23, 2006 || By: M.Y. Ilchenko, Vice-Rector