Beware of sleet!

Annually the doctors assist thousands of people, who have suffered in the sleet period.

There are some simple advices, which will help you to prevent the traumas.

Before leaving the house.

Attach a piece of foam or plaster at the heel; plaster or tape stick should be set on dry and sole heel (crosswise or stairs) and before leaving rub it with sand (one or two days is enough); rub the soles with emery paper before going out; spread on the sole glue such as "The Moment" and put shoes on the sand, after that go out courageously.

The best shoes in sleet conditions are the shoes with rubber or micro porous soles or with another soft core without high heels. The elderly people are better stay home in such days. Remember that two-thirds of traumas people over 60 years get in the fall.

How to reduce traumas in sleet weather.

Walk slowly, feet should be slightly relaxed in the knees, step on the whole sole. Remember that the haste increases the risk of fall, so get out of building slowly. When equilibrium is disturbed quickly sit down. It is the most a real chance to stay on feet.

Bypass the metal manhole covers. Typically, they are covered with ice. In addition, they may be poorly secured and roll.

Don’t walk on the edge of carriageway. You can fall and fly on the road, and the car can go to the sidewalk.

Stay away from houses and closer to the middle of the sidewalk. In winter, especially in cities, the icicles are dangerous, especially during the melting of ice and snow.

The walks on the ice covered streets in drunken state are dangerous too. In a state of intoxication injuries are more difficult, despite the belief that drunken falls always luckily.

While falling, immediately sit down to lower altitude. During the falling tighten your muscles and when touching the ground and necessary roll so that the hit, which was directed on you stretch and spend its strength during rotation. Don’t keep your hands in your pockets - it increases the opportunity not only to fall but also to get more severe injuries and particularly fractures. If you fell and after a while felt the head pain, joint pain, nausea, formed tumors  - you shouldimmediately contact your doctor in the trauma center, otherwise you may have complications with bad consequences.